An iOS compatible Cocoa Web Server.
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TouchHTTPD requires TouchFoundation and TouchXML (*).

(* TouchHTTPD uses TouchXML for presenting of errors. This functionality is optional and can be removed. The WebDAV handler also uses XML and (for obvious reasons this is not optional).

How to build

Don't forget to do a submodule update from the root directory.

git submodule update --init --recursive

Xcode projects should compile after submodules are updated.


  • Check all method types and make sure fully integrated
  • Create smart NSData that works as NSData or stream or tempfile. (Writes to NSMutableData‚Ķ if data exceeds threshold writes it to a tmp file instead.)
  • Exposes NSErrors in HTTP error codes might be a security risk!
  • Find & clear up all TODOs
  • Fix the multiple xmlns="DAV:" stuff in PROPFIND responses.
  • Handling clients with "Accept:" headers that don't match up
  • HTTP Digest Auth
  • Improve file system security
  • Make sure all unit tests & samples still work
  • Make sure chunking works if data is broken during chunk sizes
  • Optimise XML
  • SSL on iPhone
  • Subclass CHTTPMessage into request & response classes
  • Support "IfNoneMatch" header in GETs
  • Unit Test WebDAV
  • Would like to log 207 Multistatus responses

TouchWebDAV Caveats

  • BASIC Auth Only (Digest auth coming soon)
  • No SSL
  • Not optimised for caching headers (If-*)
  • Cannot use Finder WebDAV and TouchWebDAV server on same machine!
  • WebDAV locking is totally fake.
  • Set attribute operations unsupported (so chmod, touch will not work)


Compatibility Notes


  • Connect to server (e.g. mount server)
  • List server contents
  • Create directory
  • Rename directory
  • Duplicate directory
  • Delete directory
  • Create file
  • Rename file
  • Edit file contents
  • Duplicate file
  • Delete file
  • TODO...


Windows XP SP2

  • Seems to work for pretty much all operations.
  • Some rather large performance problems. Supporting the if-* headers should help


  • Works for all operations


  • Works for all operations

Mounted on Mac OS X 10.5, accessed via Terminal

  • Works for all operations
  • Unsupported operations are well, unsupported (e.g. chmod)

Mounted on Mac OS X 10.5, acccesss via Finder

  • Only partially working. File writing is really rough right now.