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+TouchJSON has been deprecated. Expect no more improvements, bug fixes or merged pull requests.
+iOS and Mac OS X have had native JSON support since iOS 5.0 and OS X 10.7 - as of today these are two OS versions ago. You should be using the OS JSON support ([NSJSONSerialization]( and _not_ using _any_ third party JSON library. The OS native JSON class is more than good enough for most people who can run on iOS 5/OSX 10.7 and up.
+This repository will not be going away any time soon. But you should NOT be using this code in your new projects.
+Thank you for all your bug reports, feature ideas, general support and beer.
+Jon. (@schwa)
## Introduction
TouchJSON is an Objective-C based parser and generator for JSON encoded data. TouchJSON compiles for
@@ -51,8 +63,6 @@ maintenance mode and the ARC branch will become the primary branch.
## Home
-The main home page for touchcode is <>
The main source repository for touchcode is on github at <>
## Author

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