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My app was just rejected from Apple with a Private API Conflict in the "elementWithName:" method used in three files: CXMLNode_CreationExtensions.h, CXMLNode_CreationExtensions.m and CXMLElement_ElementTreeExtensions.m. This method will need to be renamed within TouchXML in order for apps using this library to be approved.


ghost commented Oct 25, 2012

Hi, Thanks for the share.

Is renaming the method in all three pages would be enough or is it going to make problem in other parts of TouchXML? I mean this method only uses in these three pages or other parts need to be aware of this change.


Just renaming the method will fix the problem. Apparently Apple opened up a public API method in the iOS 6 SDK that has that method name. Since I had to resubmit my app to Apple immediately, I just simply renamed it "elementWithNameCXML:" Any other method name that doesn't conflict will work fine.

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