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Attendance Sorter

Promotional video and Tutorial Video

Together, these videos cover almost all the info below

Background and Description

Attendance Sorter is a Google Sheets add-on to help people manage attendance with Google Sheets and Forms. It grew out of the frustration of using Google Apps to collect attendace. Every time a user signed in to a form, a new timestamped row was added to the sheet resulting in a massive messy table. Accordingly, Attendance Sorter's original and primary function is to take raw form data and sort into a nice formatted sheet (example below)

Example Sheet

First Name Last Name 1/18/16 1/25/16 2/1/16 2/8/16
John Doe absent attended attended attended
Zack Green absent attended absent attended
Liza Purple absent absent attended absent


Methods of collecting attendance

  1. Each student signs in to a google form at each meeting

  2. The teacher opens a checklist of student names and checks off whoever is absent

Helpful links

Store Page
Trello Board
Google Apps Script Spreadsheet Documentation


Attendance Sorter is useful for and used by a wide variety of organizations. The terms "student" and "teacher" are only used here for simplicity.