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@LlmDl LlmDl released this Nov 13, 2019 · 137 commits to master since this release

Towny Advanced for 1.13.2

Release contains:

  • Towny for 1.13.2
  • TownyChat 0.62
  • TownyNameUpdater 4.0


    • add towny.command.nation.deposit.other to the king and nation assistant ranks.
    • add to your default nation group.
  • REQUIRED CONFIG CHANGE: filters_colour_chat.regex.name_remove_regex
    • Change to '[^a-zA-Z0-9\&._\[\]-]'
    • This allows colours to be used in the title/surname options.
    • The default config will have the &, if you don't want colour codes used in titles/surnames you can skip this.
    • Closes ticket #3172


  • New Perm Levels: Town & Nation
    • On player-owned plots the perm line now has Town added to it.
      • Build/Destroy/Switch/ItemUse can be set for friends/townmembers/allies/outsiders.
      • Allies consists of nation-members and nation-allies.
    • On town-owned plots the perm line now has Nation added to it.
      • Build/Destroy/Switch/ItemUse can be set for residents/nationmembers/allies/outsiders.
      • Allies consists of nation-allies.
    • Closes ticket #3241
  • More PAPI placeholders:
    • %townyadvanced_town_residents_amount% - number of residents in a town.
    • %townyadvanced_town_residents_online% - number of residents in a town that are currently online.
    • %townyadvanced_town_townblocks_used% - number of townblocks claimed by a resident's town.
    • %townyadvanced_town_townblocks_bought% - number of townblocks bought by a resident's town.
    • %townyadvanced_town_townblocks_bonus% - number of bonus blocks given to a resident's town.
    • %townyadvanced_town_townblocks_maximum% - number of townblocks a town has available to claim.
    • %townyadvanced_town_townblocks_natural_maximum% - number of townblocks a town has available to claim, not counting bonus/bought townblocks.
    • %townyadvanced_town_mayor% - a resident's town's mayor's name.
    • %townyadvanced_nation_king% - a resident's nation's king's name.
    • %townyadvanced_resident_friends_amount% - number of friends a resident has.
    • %townyadvanced_nation_residents_amount% - number of residents in a resident's nation.
    • %townyadvanced_nation_residents_online% - number of residents in a resident's nation that are currently online.
    • %townyadvanced_nation_capital% - name of a resident's nation's capital.
    • Closes ticket #3446
  • New Feature: Town and TownBlock Metadata, courtesy of Siris in PR #3482
    • Plugins or townyadmins can now place metadata onto Towns and TownBlocks.
    • Metadata keys must already be registered by a plugin.
    • These metadata will be saved and loaded to/from the Towny database by Towny.
    • Details here.
  • Swap out HashTables for ConcurrentHashMaps, courtesy of Silverwolfg11 in PR #3488
    • Should increase performance.
    • Used by admins to manipulate metadata
  • Added ability to have Event War actually transfer conquered townblocks over to the winning town permanently.
    • Does not transfer townblocks which did not have their HP drop to 0.
    • This means rushing to a town's homeblock will only net you the townblocks you won on the way, and not the entire town.
  • Make /t rank add|remove {name} {rank} not care about case sensitivity.
  • Added ability to set costs for all plot types using /plot set {type}.
    • Money charged goes to the Server Account.
  • Add language chart to bStats.
  • Make /res screen display title and surname if they are present, falling back to the king/mayor prefix/postfix.
  • Added /town list ? & /nation list ? pages
  • German.yml updated by enterih.
  • Add permission plugin information to Towny startup's Using section.
  • Make changelog on updates more readable from the console, hello.
  • Add Villagers to list of things we protect from damage.
  • You can now charge separate bail amounts for Mayors and Kings.

New Commands:

  • /plot set outpost
    • Used on an already claimed plot to turn it into an outpost.
    • Requires permission node.
    • Charges the town the same amount to claim an outpost.
    • Closes ticket #2912
  • /town set title {resident} {title} & /town set surname {resident} {title}
    • Exactly like the King ability to set titles and surnames.
    • This is being made available to mayors so that mayors can better role play their own townmembers.
    • Permission nodes: & are child nodes of*
    • Closes ticket #3439
  • /n deposit {amount} {townname}
    • Requires towny.command.nation.deposit.other
    • Lets a nation member deposit money into a town bank of a town that is part of their nation.
    • Closes ticket #1953
  • /ta mysqldump
    • When your config has save & load set to mysql you can use this command to dump the mysql database to flatfile.
    • Closes ticket #2628
  • /ta database [save|load]
    • Saves or loads the database.
    • Closes ticket #2070
  • /ta town [townname] meta, courtesy of Siris.
    • Used to view a town's metadata.
  • /ta town [townname] meta set [key] [value], courtesy of Siris
    • Sets a metadata value
    • Used by admins to manipulate metadata
  • /ta town [townname] meta [add|remove] [key], courtesy of Siris
    • Adds or removes a metadata
    • Used by admins to manipulate metadata
  • /ta plot meta, courtesy of Siris.
    • Used to view a townblock's metadata.
  • /ta plot meta set [key] [value], courtesy of Siris
    • Sets a metadata value
    • Used by admins to manipulate metadata
  • /ta plot meta [add|remove] [key], courtesy of Siris
    • Adds or removes a metadata

Changed Commands:

  • /towny prices
    • Now displays costs of setting plot types.
  • /town toggle jail [jailnumber] [resident] (days)
    • Town mayors may now jail for an optional amount of days.
    • On Towny newdays (when taxes/upkeep are collected) jailed players who have a day amount set will have their day amount lowered by one.
    • Players who have served their sentence will be unjailed.
    • When the days amount is not used the player will be jailed indefinetly as usual.
    • Remaining days are shown on a player's /res screen.
    • Closes ticket #3232

Config Changes:

  • Change to default config: war.disallow_one_way_alliance
    • Now defaults to true.
    • One-way alliances are discouraged, and eventually may be done away with entirely in order to better facilitate new features and war updates.

New Config Options:

  • economy.daily_taxes.town_plotbased_upkeep_minimum_amount
    • default: 0.0
    • If set to any amount over zero, if a town's plot-based upkeep totals less than this value, the town will pay the minimum instead.
    • Closes Ticket #664
  • invite_system.maximum_distance_from_town_spawn
    • Default: 0
    • When set above 0, the maximum distance a player can be from a town's spawn in order to receive an invite.
    • Use this setting to require players to be near or inside a town before they can be invited.
    • Closes ticket #3089
  • jail.bail.bail_amount_mayor
    • Default: 10
    • Amount that bail costs for Town mayors.
  • jail.bail.bail_amount_king
    • Default: 10
    • Amount that bail costs for Nation kings.
  • global_town_settings.display_xyz_instead_of_towny_coords
    • default: false
    • If set to true, the /town screen will display the xyz coordinate for a town's spawn rather than the homeblock's Towny coords.
    • Closes ticket #3347
  • war.event.winner_takes_ownership_of_townblocks
    • Default: false
    • If set to true when a town drops an enemy townblock's HP to 0, the attacking town takes full control of the townblock.
    • One available (bonus) claim is given to the victorious town, one available (bonus) claim is removed from the losing town.
    • Closes ticket #3470
  • global_town_settings.display_town_list_randomly
    • Default: false
    • If set to true the /town list command will list randomly, rather than by whichever comparator is used, hiding resident counts.
    • Closes ticket #3456
  •, default false
  •, default false
  •, default false
  •, default false
  •, default false
  •, default false
  •, default false
  •, default false
    • These are used to set the default perm values for new plots.
  • New Config Options:
    • economy.plot_type_costs.set_commercial
    • economy.plot_type_costs.set_arena
    • economy.plot_type_costs.set_embassy
    • economy.plot_type_costs.set_wilds
    • economy.plot_type_costs.set_inn
    • economy.plot_type_costs.set_jail
    • economy.plot_type_costs.set_farm
    • economy.plot_type_costs.set_bank
    • All default to a cost of 0.
    • Set cost higher to charge person for changing their plot to the desired type.

New Permission Nodes:

  • towny.command.nation.deposit.other
    • Allows a nation member to deposit money into the townbank of a nation member.
    • Is NOT a child node of towny.command.nation.deposit or towny.command.nation.*
    • Child node of*
    • Child node of*


  • new event added - NewDayEvent
    • has gettable lists of fallen towns and nations, total town and nation upkeeps collected, time at which the event happened.
    • Closes ticket #3323


  • Fix being unable to toggle debug mode in-game, courtesy of Articdive
  • Fix missing placeholder %townyadvanced_towny_tag_formatted% not actually existing.
  • Fix world explosion setting not allowing explosions to damage animals, armorstands, itemframes and endercrystals in the wilderness when they ought be exploded.
  • Solve townless townblocks causing safemode instead of being deleted.
    • Actually deletes the townblock file now too.
    • Closes ticket #3336
  • Fix bad grammar possible to be seen on /t join command.
  • Fix Tridents with Channeling that causes lightning strikes to harm animals, item frames and armor stands.
  • Protect pigs from being zapped by lightning where explosions shouldn't happen.
  • Fix language string call when /town is used.
  • Fix bug where Towny failed to find the new economy accounts for player's who've changed their name.
  • Fix toggling debug mode off stopping all MC logging, courtesy of ArticDive in PR #3485
  • Fix /plot set outpost failing due to your own town's townblocks being too close.
  • Fix error message not showing when a town has sent too many invites out.
  • Fix alliances not persisting across server restarts when nothing else causes the nation to save.
  • Fix outlaw not getting removed if hermit, courtesy of benjads.
  • Fix loading of mysql databases' townblocks and the new metadata.
  • Attempt to stop the perm hud plotname NPE, again.

TownyChat Changes

  • Drop API version back to 1.13 because there's a for 1.13 that has the new TownyAPI in it.
  • Fix {townycolor} not rendering properly for nomads.
  • A more-thorough fix for TC still not respecting the cancelling of chat.
  • New Config Option: display_modes_set_on_join
    • Default: true
    • If true players will see [Towny] Modes set: general when they log in.
  • New Channel: AllianceChat
    • Requires Towny or newer.
    • Will send messages to every online ally of your nation.
    • Has its own channel_format in the chatconfig.yml.
    • Your channels.yml will need to have an Alliance channel added.
    • Default channels.yml is:
        commands: [ac]
        type: ALLIANCE
        channeltag: '&f[&2AC&f]'
        messagecolour: '&a'
        permission: ''
        range: '-1'

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