Official Gentoo overlay for Toxcore, Tox clients, and Tox related projects
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Please note that this overlay is no longer maintained. It has lost the maintainer and we couldn't find anyone who would maintain it. Consider using zetok's overlay instead.

To add this overlay from layman, run:

sudo layman -a tox-overlay

To add this overlay manually, run:

sudo su
layman -f -o -a tox-overlay


If a package fails to build when updating, make sure that:

  • Your local copy of the overlay is up-to-date: sudo layman -s tox-overlay
  • You've updated dependencies of that package. Using qTox as an example: sudo emerge -1 net-libs/tox libfilteraudio

If, after those steps, the package still fails to build, please report a bug.

See Authors for the original authors of some of these ebuilds.