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PHP web app for planning poker. It includes a master view for the ScrumMaster and a simple responsive card view for the team. A deployed demo is available at


The project is supported by the following sponsors. If you would like to become a sponsor yourself, please take a look at the section below.

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Everyone who ever managed a software project using scrum will have either heard of or played planning poker. It is a simple tool to determine a stories/features complexity. For the detailed process refer to So far there are a couple of apps where you can select a card and display it on the screen - but none of them offer a network collaboration mode. Some of the existing web apps are nowhere near responsive or come with too overloaded UIs. I want to create a simple web app where the Scrum Master can start a named session and all team members can join the session.


You can find a detailed deployment how-to in the documentation.


The "deployment" is a general scrum meeting where the ScrumMaster has a laptop connected to a beamer while all team members have an internet connected device (phone, tablet, laptop, ... - smartwatch would be awesome). The meeting starts with the ScrumMaster creating a named session and all team members joining that session. The beamer should now show the list of joined members.

Estimation workflow

For every story the Scrum Master will than start a poll and each member of the session must select a card. As they select a card the main screen will show a card over their name, but without showing the number. Once everyone selected a card the main page (beamer) flips all the cards. According to planning poker it will than highlight the minimum and maximum estimation for colleagues to bring their arguments. A demonstration using the Redmine plugin is available on youtube.

Road Map

  • Include vote history of previous stories at the bottom of the master view
  • Statistics tab in navigation bar
  • Mobile apps with watch support. Imagine voting on Android Wear or Apple Watch. Wouldn't that be cool? :D


If you want to contribute you can just clone the repository and follow the deployment instructions. We also offer support for Vagrant and Docker. Any changes must be commited to a fork and then merged by issuing a pull request. For information on the REST API or ticketing plugins please have a look at the wiki documentation.

You can also use the REST API to build a mobile for iOS or Android. In that case I am happy to link your app in the README and on the page.

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