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My DrRacket Keybindings

I use these keybindings with a german keyboard layout.


In DrRacket, select “Edit” | “Keybindings” | “Add user-defined keybindings…” from the menu and select the keybindings.rkt file.

If you want to use the automatic conversion of ( to [, you have to activate it in the settings. In DrRacket, select “Edit;” | “Preferences” from the menu. In the preferences dialog, go to the “Editing” tab and the “Square Brackets” subtab. Select “Automatically adjust opening square brackets” near the bottom of the dialog and confirm with “Ok”.


  • [ inserts “[”
  • ( inserts “(” or “[” depending on context.
  • c:( inserts “(”
  • c:space triggers auto-completion