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πŸ’ˆ [My TouchBar My rules] Share your preset!
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My TouchBar My Rules Presets

Here we collect cool touch bar presets for MTMR. Feel free to send your own configs in pull-requests. Do not forget to attach a screenshot (β‡§βŒ˜6) and write some description to this README.

@ReDetection preset

@Toxblh preset


  • NightShift, DnD, Reminders, Pomodoro, Currencies, Weather, Play, Input, Battery, Time (tap for sleep)


  • Show video in PiP (for Safari only)
  • iTunes like the track
  • iTunes favorite the track
  • iTunes what is play, tap for next and long for prev track
  • Spotify shuffle
  • Spotify what is play, tap for next

@luongvo209 preset

@aadi_vs_anand preset




  • Thanks to the above presets spaniakos preset is an all in one preset solution with different bars embeded into one master.
  • Main: Escape and running apps, Spotify and two finger volume control, buttons for three bars, language change, battery%, time (only time 24H format), sleep
  • Media bar: Brightness, mute, volume control, spotify control.
  • Crypt bar Various Crypto values preset, the two initial crypto values are for BTC Dollar and BTC Euro.
  • Info: weather info, CPU, disk, Network meter, Countdown timer (tomato) , language selection , battery % date with day, month , time (12H format), AM/PM


  • Battery, CPU, Network, (reserved for disk activity), Music Prev, Music Play/Pause, Music Next, Music Track, Sound volume down, Sound slide, Sound volume up, Input language, Screensaver

Only two custom things here (and an icon for the battery) :

  • CPU button is more based on what you can see in Activity Monitor. You must copy the AppleScript file cpu.scpt to the folder : /Users/Shared/MTMR/
  • The last button "power lock", simply start the screensaver (and lock the current session). I prefer that than a full sleep or a sleep display. Now, i'm seeking for a disk real-time activity button.

@megatops preset

The brightness and volume slider icons are from @Frityet preset.


  • Esc key
  • Back to system Touch Bar
  • Expand VNC sub group
  • Expand Media sub group
  • Expand World sub group
  • Local date & time
  • Battery usage
  • Mute/Unmute
  • DND (Do Not Disturb); long press to sleep
  • PgUP / PgDn keys
  • Home / End keys: Send MacOS ⌘ + ← or ⌘ + β†’ events; long press to send key code.
  • Del key


  • Esc key

  • Back to default layout

  • F1 ~ F8 keys

  • Local time; long press to sleep

  • PgUP / PgDn keys

  • Home / End keys: Send key code; long press to send MacOS ⌘ + ← or ⌘ + β†’ events.

    ⚠️ Different with the default behavior. This behavior is optimized for remote control Windows/Linux systems.

  • Del key


  • Esc key
  • Back to default layout
  • Keyboard illumination down/up
  • Screen brightness down
  • Screen brightness slider
  • Screen brightness up
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Volume down
  • Volume slider
  • Volume up
  • Local time; long press to sleep
  • Battery usage
  • Previous track
  • Play/Pause
  • Next track


  • Esc key
  • Back to default layout
  • Shanghai data & time
  • Other countries/cities

@bobrosoft preset

  • It's minimalistic and low CPU preset
  • Thanks to the above presets for inspiration and @darkomen78 for cpu.scpt which I reused here
  • Create /Users/Shared/MTMR/ folder and drop there cpu.scpt and spotify.scpt from here
  • If your main music player is not Spotify, you can get some scripts inspiration from here for example


  • Click on music player string stops/resumes current track, long click brings up Spotify window
  • You can see some random Emojis there, just for fun :)
  • Click on Weather opens up weather site, currently Yandex.Weather (you can change to yours)
  • Click on CPU usage opens up Activity Monitor
  • Click on currency (EUR/RUB pair) opens up business website, currently (you can change to yours)
  • NightShift button
  • No brightness or volume buttons there because you can use built-in two/three-finger slide gestures on bar for that
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