🌟 [My TouchBar My rules]. The TouchBar Customisation App for your MacBook Pro
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My TouchBar. My rules

The TouchBar Customization App for your MacBook Pro

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My idea is to create a platform for creating plugins to customize the TouchBar. I very much like BTT and having a full custom TouchBar (my BTT preset), and I wanted to create it. It's my first Swift project for MacOS :)

Share your presets here


  • Download lastest release from github
  • Or via Homebrew brew cask install mtmr

Built-in button types:


  • escape
  • exitTouchbar
  • brightnessUp
  • brightnessDown
  • illuminationUp (keyboard illumination)
  • illuminationDown (keyboard illumination)
  • volumeDown
  • volumeUp
  • mute

Native Plugins

  • battery
  • currency
  • weather
  • inputsource
  • music (tap for pause, longTap for next)
  • dock (half-long click to open app, full-long click to kill app)
  • nightShift
  • dnd (Don't disturb)
  • pomodoro

Media Keys

  • previous
  • play
  • next

AppleScript plugins

  • sleep
  • displaySleep

Gestures on central part:

  • two finger slide: change you Volume
  • three finger slide: change you Brightness

Built-in slider types:

  • brightness
  • volume

You can also make custom buttons using these types

  • staticButton
 "type": "staticButton",
 "title": "esc",
  • appleScriptTitledButton
    "type": "appleScriptTitledButton",
    "refreshInterval": 60, //optional
    "source": {
      "filePath": "/Users/toxblh/Library/Application Support/MTMR/iTunes.nowPlaying.scpt",
      // or
      "inline": "tell application \"Finder\"\rmake new Finder window\rset target of front window to path to home folder as string\ractivate\rend tell",
      // or
      "base64": "StringInbase64"
  • timeButton
  "type": "timeButton",
  "formatTemplate": "HH:mm" //optional


"type": "group",
"align": "center",
"bordered": true,
"title": "stats",
"items": [
    { "type": "play" }, { "type": "mute" }, ...]

To close a group, use the button:

"type": "close",
"width": 64

Native plugins


Attention! Works not all: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_time_zone_abbreviations

  "type": "timeButton",
  "formatTemplate": "dd HH:mm",
  "timeZone": "UTC"


Provider: https://openweathermap.org Need allowance location service

  "type": "weather",
  "refreshInterval": 600, // in seconds
  "units": "metric", // or imperial
  "icon_type": "text" // or images
  "api_key": "" // you can get the key on openweather


Provider: https://coinbase.com

  "type": "currency",
  "refreshInterval": 600, // in seconds
  "align": "right",
  "from": "BTC",
  "to": "USD",
  "full": true // £‣1.29$


  "type": "music",
  "align": "center",
  "width": 80,
  "bordered": false,
  "refreshInterval": 2, // in seconds


Pomodoro plugin. One click to start the work timer, longclick to start the rest timer. Click in progress for reset.

  "type": "pomodoro",
  "workTime": 1200, // set time work in seconds. Default 1500 (25 min)
  "restTime": 600, // set time rest in seconds. Default 300 (5 min)


  • hidKey

https://github.com/aosm/IOHIDFamily/blob/master/IOHIDSystem/IOKit/hidsystem/ev_keymap.h use only numbers

 "action": "hidKey",
 "keycode": 53,
  • keyPress
 "action": "keyPress",
 "keycode": 1,
  • appleScript
 "action": "appleScript",
 "actionAppleScript": {
     "inline": "tell application \"Finder\"\rmake new Finder window\rset target of front window to path to home folder as string\ractivate\rend tell"
    // "filePath" or "base64" will work as well
  • shellScript
 "action": "shellScript",
 "executablePath": "/usr/bin/pmset",
 "shellArguments": ["sleepnow"], // optional
  • openUrl
 "action": "openUrl",
 "url": "https://google.com",


If you want to longPress for some operations, it is similar to the configuration for Actions but with additional parameters, for example:

 "longAction": "hidKey",
 "longKeycode": 53,
  • longAction
  • longKeycode
  • longActionAppleScript
  • longExecutablePath
  • longShellArguments
  • longUrl

Additional parameters:

  • width restrict how much room a particular button will take
  "width": 34
  • align can stick the item to the side. default is center
  "align": "left" // "left", "right" or "center"
  • bordered you can do button without border
  "bordered": "false" // "true" or "false"

Example configuration:

  { "type": "escape", "width": 110 },
  { "type": "exitTouchbar", "align": "left" },
    "type": "brightnessUp",
    "align": "left",
    "width": 36
    "type": "staticButton",
    "align": "left",
    "title": "🔆",
    "action": "keyPress",
    "keycode": 113,
    "width": 36

    "type": "appleScriptTitledButton",
    "source": {
      "filePath": "/Users/toxblh/Library/Application Support/MTMR/iTunes.nowPlaying.scpt"
    "refreshInterval": 1
    "type": "staticButton",
    "align": "left",
    "image": { "base64" : "%base64Finder%"},
    "action": "appleScript",
    "actionAppleScript": {
        "inline": "tell application \"Finder\"\rmake new Finder window\rset target of front window to path to home folder as string\ractivate\rend tell"
    "width": 36
    "type": "appleScriptTitledButton",
    "source": {
      "inline": "if application \"Safari\" is running then\r\ttell application \"Safari\"\r\t\trepeat with t in tabs of windows\r\t\t\ttell t\r\t\t\t\tif URL starts with \"https:\/\/music.yandex.ru\" and name does not end with \"на Яндекс.Музыке\" then\r\t\t\t\t\treturn name of t as text\r\t\t\t\tend if\r\t\t\tend tell\r\t\tend repeat\r\tend tell\rend if\rreturn \"\""
    "refreshInterval": 1
  { "type": "previous", "width": 36, "align": "right" },
  { "type": "play", "width": 36, "align": "right" },
  { "type": "next", "width": 36, "align": "right" },
  { "type": "sleep", "width": 36 , "align": "right"},
  { "type": "displaySleep", "align": "right" },
  { "type": "weather", "refreshInterval": 1800, "width": 70, "align": "right" },
  { "type": "volumeDown", "width": 36 , "align": "right"},
  { "type": "volumeUp", "width": 36 , "align": "right"},
  { "type": "battery", "refreshInterval": 60 , "align": "right"},
  { "type": "appleScriptTitledButton", "refreshInterval": 1800, "source": { "filePath": "/Users/redetection/Library/Application Support/MTMR/Weather.scpt"} , "align": "right"},
  { "type": "timeButton", "formatTemplate": "HH:mm", "width": 64, "align": "right" }


  • Create the first prototype with TouchBar in Storyboard
  • Put in stripe menu on startup the application
  • Find how to simulate real buttons like brightness, volume, night shift and etc.
  • Time in touchbar!
  • First the weather plugin
  • Find how to open full-screen TouchBar without the cross and stripe menu
  • Find how to add haptic feedback
  • Add icon and menu in StatusBar
  • Hide from Dock
  • Status menu: "preferences", "quit"
  • JSON or another approch for save preset, maybe in ~/Library/Application Support/MTMR/
  • Custom buttons size, actions by click
  • Layout: [always left, NSSliderView for center, always right]
  • System for autoupdate (https://sparkle-project.org/)
  • Overwrite default values from item types (e.g. title for brightness)
  • Custom settings for paddings and margins for buttons
  • XPC Service for scripts
  • UI for settings
  • Import config from BTT


  • Interface for plugins and export like presets
  • Startup at login
  • Show on/off in Dock
  • Show on/off in StatusBar
  • On/off Haptic Feedback


  • Refactoring the application on packages (AppleScript, JavaScript? and Swift?)

Author's presets

@Toxblh preset

@ReDetection preset

User's presets

@luongvo209 preset

aadi_vs_anand preset


Built by @Toxblh and @ReDetection.