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Mutator pack for TOXIKK
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TOXIKK MutatH0r Pack

To install the package on your PC, simply subscribe to Steam Workshop item 603855831
The downloaded files can be found in SteamApps\workshop\content\324810\603855831

To install it on a dedicated server, you can use steamcmd.exe to download the workshop item.
The Toxikk 0.94 dedicated server doesn't automatically copy the files to the right location, so you have to do it manually:

Alternatively you can use the Toxikk Server Launcher to automate this process and manage your server configuration(s).

Weapon Mutators:
SuperStingray | Roq3t | Loadout | InstaBounce

Gameplay Mutators:
Damage Plumes | Regen/Decay | Vampire | Piledriver | StimHead | PulseHead | ComboGib | InstaCC Boost | Gravity

Server Management:
MOTD | SaveShaderCache | TickRate | ServerDescription

Damage Plumes (+ Crosshair Names + Chat Icon) --- [![YouTube](]( Displays damage numbers when you hit a player. The plumes can be customized in UDKMutatH0r.ini, which contains several presets for size, color and trajectories of the numbers. In your console you can select a preset with the command: plumes \. Default presets are: off, small, large, huge - and you can add new ones if you like.

This mutator also draws the name of the person you are aiming at on top of your crosshair.
You can turn this on/off with the console command: CrosshairNames 0/1

It also draws a chat bubble on top of a player's head when he he is typing in the console.
You can turn this on/off with the console command: ChatIcon 0/1

SuperStingray --- [![YouTube](]( Stingray plasma ball damage is reduced from 35 to 17, but it has splash damage, knockback, vertical levitation and charges the victim with 8 points of combo damage (per ball hit) that will be added to a beam-hit within the next 2 seconds. The knockback and levitation of the balls allows you to climb up walls or set up your opponent for a finishing mid-air hit! All these values can be configured individually in the INI. Roq3t --- Splash is reduced to 75% regular, direct rocket hits still deal 100 damage. The reload time is increased from 1.0 to 1.1 seconds. Knockback on other players is decreased to 75%, but increased on yourself for better rocket jumping. All these values can be configured individually in the INI. Regen/Decay --- Allows to increase/decrease health and armor over time. Typical use cases are health/armor decay (if they are above 100/50) or automatic health regeneration. Loadout --- Lets you spawn with certain weapons in your inventory. Also has options to set infinite ammo and/or disable regular weapon spawns. Vampire --- When you deal damage, 75% of it is given to you as health. Piledriver --- [![YouTube](]( Jump on a player's head to stomp him into the ground. Jump on him again before he digs himself out to deal 300 damage. Stim Head --- Extra health and armor makes you an easier target for head shots. Scales a player's head size by (health + armor)/100. Pulse Head --- Pulses a player's head size over time so you can get easier head shots, if you can time it right. ComboGib --- Stingray bounces players with primary or secondary fire and tags them to be killed with the other. After 2 seconds or when a player touches the ground he becomes untagged again. Players get a green tag when they are hit with the beam. They can then be killed with a plasma ball. Players get a yellow tag then when they are hit with 2 balls. They can then be killed with a beam. In SquadAssault you can untag your team mates with the shot that would normally kill them. InstaBounce --- Similar to InstaGib, but with plasma balls instead of a zoom. The plasma balls deal no damage, but have a massive knockback. Use it like a rocket jump or to bounce your opponents into the air as an easy target. InstaCC Boost --- Useful for CellCapture Instagib. Shoot your team mates to give them some extra speed. Gravity --- Allows you to change gravity to any value you like. The value must be configured in MutatH0r.ini MOTD --- This mutator shows a welcome message to players connecting to your server. The message can be configured in UDKMutatH0r.ini, section \[MutatH0r.CRZMutator_Motd\]. SaveShaderCache --- Utility mutator for dedicated servers running custom maps. Many custom maps don't contain cached shader data, which causes extremely long map loading times and clients to time out. With this mutator the server saves the data, so maps load faster the next time. TickRate --- Servers running this mutator allow clients to see how many ticks/second (=FPS) the server can process. This allows players and server admins to detect when the server is underpowered or lagging, when it's not at a steady 60. ServerDescription --- Utility mutator that allows changing server names as part of the map voting process.
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