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Build proudly by Traackr at ElasticSearch Hackday (#ESHackDay) at Rackspace (03/28/2012)


Installing The Twitter River

TRAACKR has patched the Twitter River to capture more meta-data from Tweets than originally specified by the current version of the Twitter River. For our version of the Twitter River:

Installing Our Custom Scoring Plugin

1) Install the ElasticSearch JavaScript plugin: $ bin/plugin -install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-lang-javascript/1.1.0

2) Install the custom scoring JS files $ mkdir -p config/scripts/com/traackr/elasticsearch/ Copy score.js, score.mvel, and scoreTweets.js into this directory

Creating The Twitter River & Index

Have the following information ready:

  • The bounding box of a location you'd like to "STAALK". You need two points: lower-left geo-coordinates, and upper-right geo-coordinates. - Note: Right clicking on a Google Map and selecting "What's Here" will bring up a new view of the map with the Lat/Long
  • Your Twitter Information
  • Your CloudMade API Key
  • Your $HOST and $INDEX_NAME

While ElasticSearch is running, run the following command:

curl -XPUT $HOST:9200/_river/$INDEX_NAME/_meta -d ' { "type" : "twitter", "twitter" : { "user" : "$TWITTER_USER", "password" : "$TWITTER_PASS", "filter":{ "locations" : "$LOWER_LEFT_LONGITUDE,$LOWER_LEFT_LATITUDE,$UPPER_RIGHT_LONGITUDE,$UPPER_RIGHT_LATITUDE" } }, "index" : { "index" : "$INDEX_NAME", "type" : "status", "bulk_size" : 1 }, "mappings" : { "status" : { "_ttl" : { "enabled" : true, "default" : "$TTL_TIMEFRAME" } } } } ' $TWITTER_USER: twitter username $TWITTER_PASS :twitter password $LOWER_LEFT/$UPPER_RIGHT_LONGITUDE/LATITUDE: bounding box coordinates $INDEX_NAME: whatever you want to name your index $TTL_TIMEFRAME: formatted duration: e.g. 1s, 3h, 4d, 5M How long the tweet will remain in the database


In the index.html file, the Staalkr app is initialized with the following parameters:

           esHost: "localhost:9200", // HOST and PORT
           esIndex: "my_index", // INDEX NAME
           cloudMadeKey: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", // CLOUD MADE API KEY
           mapLat : 40.764421, // STARTING LATITUDE ON MAP
           mapLong :-73.525314,  // STARTING LONGITUDE ON MAP
           mapZoomLevel: 11, // MAP ZOOM LEVEL (0-18 Ascending Zoom)
           influenceThresh: 0, // INFLUENCE PERCENTAGE THRESHOLD (Filter out anyone below this score)