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We want make it easy that everyone experience TrackDons in their native language. So if you want to help in that endeavour, you are in the right place! You just need to use Git a little bit, a text editor, and some time.

Locales supported right now are:

Previous considerations

We follow the same workflow as described here, so you can read it first if you are not familiar with Git, or the Git common workflows.

We use I18n standard to localize the application. You can read the guide Rails Internationalization (I18n) API for a deep introduction to the topic.

Steps to create a localized file

1 - Create a new branch from master

2 - Create the new locale file. Locale files are located in /config/locales/. Each locale file is named with the name of the locale. As a suggestion, instead of starting a file from scratch, just copy an existing locale file into your new file. For example, let's say you want to create the French version. You can just do:

cd config/locales
cp es.yml fr.yml

3 - Start replacing the strings

4 - Edit the file config/application.rb and add the locale you are working on in this list config.i18n.available_locales = [:en, :es].

5 - Start the application with rails s and check the link to the new locale in the footer

6 - Once you have finished and happy with the result create a Pull Request and somebody will check it and will merge it into master.

7 - Open a beer. You deserve it!

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