This repository contains various examples of how to integrate TrackJS with other common JavaScript tools and frameworks
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TrackJS JavaScript Integrations

This repository has several live code examples for various JavaScript integrations with TrackJS. Each sub-folder has a descriptive README with more information.

Build Integrations

  • Basic - Simplest example possible.
  • AMD and RequireJS - Integrate TrackJS with a RequireJS/AMD workflow
  • Bundling with Gulp - Adding TrackJS to a minified script bundle using Gulp
  • Webpack and NPM - Uses exports-loader to make loading TrackJS via NPM seamless
  • Browserify - Bundling TrackJS with your app bundle using Browserify
  • Bower - Uses Gulp to bundle TrackJS, other bower components and your application
  • JSPM and Babel - Shows how to use TrackJS with UMD and ES6
  • TypeScript - Use TrackJS TypeScript definitions