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Using AMD/RequireJs to load the tracker script

This is an example showing how to use RequireJS to configure and load TrackJs.

Running the example

Be sure to set your token on the configuration option in /scripts/trackerConfig.js.

# If it's not already installed
npm install --global http-server

# Navigate to localhost:8080

How does it work?

TrackJS needs a configuration object initialized before the script loads. To accommodate this with Require we need to load a simple module first that contains all the configuration data, then load the tracker script itself. Check out /scripts/trackerConfig.js for an example.

This will also work just fine with the r.js optimizer.

    // The important thing is to load the config before the tracker script.  
    // Require will ensure they're executed in order
    require(["scripts/trackerConfig","scripts/tracker"], function (){
        trackJs.track("Using Require to load TrackJs tracker script")