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The Simple and Beautiful Music Player
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Trackbox, the Simple and Beautiful Music Player

Experience your music collection, built around you

A clean interface for all your music

Play your music with a focused and clutter-free interface designed from the ground up to help you organize and play your songs with ease.

Describe your music with tags

The best way to sort your music is to describe it. First add tags to your albums, artists, and tracks. Then simply click on a tag to view all corresponding songs.

Automatically sort your music into boxes

Traditional playlists are static and designed for individual songs, not music collections. We set out to fix that with boxes. Just drag and drop tracks and any combination of albums, artists, and tags into one of your boxes to create a collection of songs fitting those terms. As your library grows, matching songs are added to your boxes automatically.

Never grow tired of your music

Hit the Mixed Playback button to enjoy hours of your favorite music selected specially for you, weighted for your playback terms and your favorite songs. It even avoids frequent repeats to keep things fresh.

100% customizable with plug-ins, and skins

Trackbox is built on Web technologies—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—so everyone can easily make plug-ins and skins to extend and customize any part of the experience.

Free, open source, and cross-platform

We believe in free and open software, which is why we're building Trackbox under the GPLv3 license where everyone is encouraged to share, remix, and contribute. We're also committed to bringing it to Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Web.

Coming soon. Join the team!

We're still in the midst of building Trackbox, but you can help! If you're a desktop or web developer, fork the app on GitHub. Please send us an email or ping us so we can work together.

Contact: (General/Press) (Designer, Frontend Programmer) (Desktop Programmer)

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