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Track visitors to your landing pages with unique telephone numbers from

Basic Usage

1. Include the trackdrive optimizer library on your page.

<script src=""></script>

2. Put some numbers on your page

<h1>(855) 654 2938</h1>

<p>Click this number to call now: <a href="tel:+18556542938">+18556542938</a></p>

3. Call the library with your optimizer token.

Your token can be obtained from one of your offers:

View Example Page

    var options = {
        // Your token from
        offer_token: 'xyz'

    // Each occurrence of (855) 654 2938 and +18556542938 on your HTML page will be replaced with a Trackdrive tracking number.
    Trackdrive.Optimizer.replace_all(options, [
      ['(855) 654 2938', 'human_number'],
      ['+18556542938', 'plain_number']

Success! Your default telephone number will now be replaced with dynamic tracking numbers from

Google Analytics

Automatically track the google analytics clientId by setting track_ga_client_id: true. For example:

    TrackdrivejQuery(function () {
          offer_token: 'f47c910d0b3429902ee69290009e36a4',
          track_ga_client_id: true
        }, [['(855) 654 2938', 'human_number']]);


The options available to Trackdrive.Optimizer.replace_all(options) and new Trackdrive.Optimizer(options)

parameter type example description
offer_token String '770a968e44ef341b3611c4d67619dae8' The 32 character offer token.
default_number Hash {plain_number: "+18886024660", human_number: "(888) 602-4660"} The default number that will be used if tracking is unavailable
tokens Hash {lp: "loan1"} Tokens that will be tracked.
track_ga_client_id Boolean true Enable automatically tracking the Google Analytics ClientID.
context jQuery $('#container') Number replacement will be limited to the contents of this jQuery element.
cookies Boolean false Enable/disable storing retrieved numbers in visitor's cookies.
cookies_expires Integer 1 The number of days number cookies will persist before expiring. Default: 1
done function function($number, data){ console.log($number, data); } Callback function called after each number is drawn.
selectors Hash {number: '.number'} CSS selectors used by the plugin to select DOM elements.
endpoints Hash {numbers: ''} HTTP endpoints used by the plugin when making API requests.

Advanced Developer Example


Request a number getting back JSON, using the optimizer javascript api.

// requesting a number returning JSON
var api = new Trackdrive.Optimizer({
  track_ga_client_id: true,
  default_number: {
    plain_number: "+18886024660",
    human_number: "(888) 602-4660"

// optional tokens that will be tracked by your numbers
// these values are tracked in addition to whatever url params you have defined on your offer.
var optional_tokens = {
  s1: 'kittens'

// get back a promise
var promise = api.request_number(offer_token, optional_tokens);

// once the trackdrive api responds, this promise will fire

  // assign the human number to a variable. EG: "(866) 230-0823"
  var human_number = data.number.human_number;

  // assign the plain number to a variable. EG: "+18662300823"
  var plain_number = data.number.plain_number;

  // Write the number to the page into a element with the class trackdrive-custom-number


Trackdrive.Optimizer#request_number Example API Response

  "number": {
    "id": 11270,
    "plain_number": "+18662222644",
    "extension": null,
    "checksum": "e86aa058616b3b94157c4d5ac304c880",
    "human_number": "(866) 222-2644"


Display Trackdrive tracking telephone numbers.






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