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This project is based on the Laravel framework [v5.5].

Please read these instructions on how to configure your server to get started.

Understanding Branches

  • master - developer branch of production
  • destiny1 - legacy version of
  • legacy - original Laravel 4.2 version of d1 destinystatus
  • production - production (follows master)

Project dependencies:

  • PHP >= 7.0
    • zip extension
    • sqlite3 extension
  • Mcrypt extension
  • Node.js
  • Composer

Docker setup (optional)

  1. docker-compose up --build
  2. docker exec -it ds bash
  3. continue with (install the framework) steps below. They will be ran inside the container that you did on step 2.

Install the framework

  1. Copy the file .env.example to .env
  2. Edit .env with any information needed (Bugsnag, environment, db information)
  3. Visit the Destiny API Registration Portal to sign up for an API key
  4. Add your key to .env under the DESTINY_KEY
  5. Add your oauth information to .env under the BUNGIE_CLIENT (client id) and BUNGIE_SECRET (client secret) codes.
  6. Remember that the API key and oauth information need to be from same Application at Bungie.
  7. composer install
  8. php artisan key:generate
  9. php artisan migrate

Compile CSS/JS

  1. Install yarn: npm install -g yarn
  2. Install npm dependencies: yarn install
  3. Build:
    • Local: yarn run dev
    • Production: yarn run prod

Things to know

  1. DESTINY_CACHE_DEFAULT is the default for endpoint caches. We tend to use 5 minutes. That is enough time for people to load a profile, spam a few clicks around the site and keep getting fed cache values instead of API. Any value over 5 minutes adds a message to the homepage explaining the reason for out of date stats.

  2. PROXY_URL is the URL to a service that takes a request and simply proxies it onward, this allows us to get around API limits as a server side application cannot issue requests as fast as the users use the product.

  3. BUGSNAG_API_KEY is for the Bugsnag service. This tracks all PHP/Destiny errors, this lets us quickly know what clan/profile/page is broken.

  4. php artisan destiny:manifest --download will force a redownload of the Manifest and process all entities into the file system.

  5. php artisan destiny:medal [give|take] gamertag console badge is the command for giving/taking badges. For example php artisan destiny:medal give iBot xbl donator gives iBot on Xbox Live the donator badge.

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