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So I'm done or enough for edge cases to be found. Merge requests won't work, since it actually is a brand new project. The recommendation action for a Laravel 4.2 to Laravel 5.1 upgrade was a new project and move in the needed dependencies.

I would recommend this course of action for getting my new branch to track as master here.

git clone
cd DestinyStatus
git checkout -b legacy
git push origin legacy
git branch -D master
git remote add peaches
git fetch peaches -v
git checkout peaches/feature/laravel51
git checkout -b master
git push origin master -f

Basically what this does.

  1. Clones brand new project for clean slate.
  2. Checks out existing master branch to legacy. This will become the home of the 4.2 Laravel install (old).
  3. Delete the old tracking master which is now tracked in legacy and push legacy to remote.
  4. Add my remote and pull it down, then check out my Laravel51 branch.
  5. From that branch (feature/laravel51), check out a new master branch.
  6. The new master is based off feature/laravel51 now.
  7. Force push that master to repo.

Alternatively to the above. Rename this repo to [Deprecated] in favour of a new one, which would have a clean bug tracker and the Laravel 5.1 install, in which I could push the fresh repo to.

The recap of changes

  • DTR links to all weapons still there
  • The new ad system (from that commit 6 hours ago)
  • HTTPS assets
  • 3 minute cache for profiles (saves people clicking between Grimoire/Profile)
  • [net -3 requests] from previous iteration
  • Checklist tracks (Nightfall, PVP/PVE Daily, All Raids, All Arenas)
  • All bower stuff removed (including random ruby dependency)
  • Laravel Elixir is used (gulp --production) to build the public assets. Compiled assets are not tracked in repo now.
  • Laravel .env feature is used for environment control. After a clone on production, the hidden file .env is used for configuration. The bugsnag api key, destiny api key, etc should all be in there.


  • Module for XUR (to show weapons)
  • Module for SRL (unknown what it would show)
  • Module for ArmsDay (unknown what to show, weapons seem boring)
  • Add support for ROI Raid

A production styled demo has been installed here - (It is running in production so ads are shown, etc).

Tweet/gitter/hangouts me if you wanna talk live about it since its obviously a huge change.



Finished XUR/ArmsDay modules which appear under the "Events" tab if one is active.


Added WrathOfTheMachine to checklist / index page.

@iBotPeaches iBotPeaches added a commit to iBotPeaches/DestinyStatus that referenced this issue Sep 26, 2016
@iBotPeaches iBotPeaches Rewrite to Laravel 5.1 - See #42 57b4d0a
@iBotPeaches iBotPeaches referenced this issue Sep 26, 2016

Laravel51 #43


This has been merged into dev and pushed live.

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