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The following people are involved with Tracks in some way, by contributing to the code or design:

  • bsag (original developer)
  • Nicholas Lee
  • Lolindrath
  • Jim Ray
  • Luke Melia
  • Arnaud Limbourg
  • Timothy Martens (design and UI)
  • John Leonard (great installation video tutorials for XP)
  • Jim Strupp
  • Eric Lesh
  • Damien Cirotteau
  • Reinier Balt
  • Jacqui Maher
  • James Kebinger
  • Jeffrey Gipson
  • Eric Allen
  • Walter Cruz
  • Jakub A.Tesinsky
  • Hans de Graaff
  • Piotr Jakubowski
  • MHarris (full name?)
  • Simon Rozet
  • Darren Cato
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