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pluginval Change List


  • Removed built-in support for VST2 testing, this can be built with by setting the VST2_SDK_DIR environment variable before running the tests/ scripts
  • Added the option to repeat tests a specified number of times
  • Added the option to randomise the test order each repeat
  • Added some message loop running to editor tests to ensure the UI is actually displayed
  • Added a test for processing audio whilst showing the editor
  • Added an option to automatically save log files with a sensible name (see the "--output-dir" option)
  • Disabled the LargerThanPreparedBlockSizeTest for AU, VST & VST3 formats
  • Added a "Test File" button to the UI for validating plugins that won't scan (this improves the stack trace information in the log file)


  • Fixed a problem catching allocations in clang release builds
  • Avoided accidently setting the bypass parameter for VST3 plugins
  • Simplified some parameter iteration methods to avoid returning bypass or non-automatable parameters
  • Added MIDI note on and off messages for synth processing tests
  • Added a Parameter thread safety test which attempts to call setValue on parameters from multiple threads concurrently mimicking automation and GUI interaction
  • Added a PluginStateTestRestoration test which calculates some checksums before randomising and restoring plugin state to check state restoration is correct
  • Added the ability to set command line arguments as environment variables e.g. "--skip-gui-tests" > "SKIP_GUI_TESTS=1", "--timeout-ms 30000" > "TIMEOUT_MS=30000"
  • Added the ability to set a random seed to use for the tests


  • Added stack backtraces to crashed validation output
  • Added tests for detecting memory allocations and deallocations in the audio thread
  • Added a test for creating an editor with an uninitialised plugin and a 0 sample rate and block size prepared plugin
  • Added a test calling processBlock with more samples than initialised with


  • Reduced the amount of default logging
  • Added the "--verbose" command line flag
  • Added some basic bus tests


  • Added optional logging from the slave process
  • Added an option to validate in the same process in GUI mode
  • Added the "--validate-in-process" command line flag
  • Replaced the "strictnessLevel" command line option with the more canonical "strictness-level" form
  • Added a timeout option which can be set from the GUI "Options" menu or the command line "--timeoutMs [numMs]" flag