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Welcome to the TraderPlan Wiki

This is the community maintained wiki covering all end-user aspects of the next-generation automated trading bot, TraderPlan. The official website is at

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What Is TraderPlan?

TraderPlan is an autonomous trading platform. It integrates Business Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and Technical Automation. Developed with ease of use, trading adaptability, and accessibility in mind. TraderPlan is a powerful extension to automate your trading plan.

The team behind TraderPlan are globally distributed, spanning the U.S., Sweden, Australia, and other countries.

You can see some some of the screenshots.

TraderPlan Functions

TraderPlan is a Discord-based Bot that connects to your exchange account and helps you automate your portfolio.

  • Multi-exchange support
  • Wallet and profit reports
  • 3 position planning based strategies
  • Free and paid subscriptions.

How it Works

As TraderPlan is Discord based, all the commands are entered through the chat in your personal automation channel on your chosen Discord server. Each command has a prefix [pre], to talk with the bot. By default this prefix is !, but this can be changed by the server admin to ensure the commands will not interfere with other bots running on the Discord server. All the buys, sell, strategy adjustments and balances can be viewed through Discord, which makes it easy to see what is happening in real-time. As Discord can be installed on mobile phones, you do not need to be by a computer to modify your strategies or check up on your current trades.

Social Media

Website URL


Exchange URL

Getting Started

  1. Get TraderPlan on your Discord Server
  2. Add Credentials
  3. Setup Strategies
  4. Help Commands
  5. Account Management Commands
  6. Exchange Commands
  7. Portfolio Commands
  8. Command Index


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