Cross engine parser for every VaLVe game!


This tool is a cross engine fully featured demo analyzing tool. It works with GoldSource and Source-engine demos. alt tag


  • Changing font
  • Parsing demos from any valve made game except dota 1/2
  • Viewing what's happening in the demos (improved version of netdecode)
  • Global hotkeys
  • Parsing any valve made game's save file


  • Please do.
  • Create a pull request and if the code is working I will most likely merge it.
  • Please report any bugs or if you have any feature request make an Issue here.

Upcoming features:

  • Check the roadmap file for more info! (I will try to update it)

    If you have any idea for a feature please make an Issue and I will most likely add it.

Linux & Mac support:

  • Try with wine/mono if it doesnt work switch to windows.

Thanks to:

  • CBenni for SEDT
  • Jeffrey "botman" Broome for BSP Tools
  • stgn for Netdecode
  • Chrisaster for demo research
  • asherki for demo research
  • Didrole for demo research
  • YaLTeR for his goldsource demo tools
  • CSGODemoinfo team for the csgo demoinfo tool
  • Complexity gaming for coldemoplayer
  • WimReddingius for the portal corrections
  • Griffin for feedback
  • NekZ for feedback
  • Fatalis for SourceSplit
  • NSA for :^)

    And special thanks to Valve: