UDP server for the USB Missle Launcher
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Missile Laucher Server/Client

  • Run the missileserver.py on a computer with the USB Missile Launcher(s).
  • Run the client.py on every computer you want and control the Missile Launcher(s).
  • Tested with the Dream Cheeky Thunder USB Missile Launcher.
  • Based on the Retaliation Project: https://github.com/codedance/Retaliation

Server Protocol

The MissileServer accepts JSON packets on UDP port 7777. The JSON packet had the following structure:



  • up
  • down
  • left
  • right
  • fire
  • led
  • zero


  • in case arg1 is value; this is the amount of miliseconds to move
  • in case arg1 is fire; this is the amount of missiles to fire
  • in case arg1 is led; use 1 for on, 0 for off
  • in case arg1 is zero; use 1 to place the missile launcher in the zero position


  • define which device to use
  • use '9' to control all devices at the same time

Client keyboard controls

The client can be controlled with the keyboard using the following keys;

  • Movement: up,down,left,right
  • Fire: space
  • Led on: l
  • Led off: o
  • To zero position: z
  • Device: 0, 1 or 9 for all
  • Exit: escape

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