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CI Monitor for Raspberry PI

NodeJS app to control a traffic light (red/orange/green) with a Raspberry PI based on the job status from Jenkins.

CI Monitor in action


  1. Connect a relay board to your Raspberry Pi

  2. Connect a green, orange and red light to relays 1, 2 and 3.

  3. Install the Jenkins notification plugin

  4. Configure the Jenkins notification plugin for the job you want to monitor:

    • Format: JSON
    • Protocol: HTTP
    • Event: All events
    • URL: http://<IP of the Rapsberry Pi>:8080/jenkins
    • Timeout: Default
  5. Clone this app on your Raspberry Pi: git clone

  6. Run vagrant up

  7. Start the app: sudo nodejs server.js


As soon as the job starts the orange light will turn on. When the job is completed the orange light will go off and red or green will light up depending on the status of the job.


Besides the green, orange and red light it's possible to add a beacon or flashing light to relay 4. The beacon will light up for 3 seconds when the state of one of the jobs is changed.

Multiple jobs

It's possible to monitor more than 1 job, just add the notification plugin to all the jobs you want to monitor. The traffic light will work as following:

  1. Is one of the jobs failed? Turn on the red light.
  2. Is one of the jobs busy? Also turn on the orange light.
  3. Are all jobs successful? Turn on the green light.

If, for example, the orange and red light are on, you know a job is failed and another one is building. The green light will only be lit if all jobs are successful.


There's also a simple webinterface in addition to the traffic lights. When you're using the CI monitor for more than 1 job this can help to quickly identify which job is busy or failing. You can access the webinterface on http://<IP of the Rapsberry Pi>:8080

CI Monitor webinterface

Development & testing

You can run the app without access to GPIO ports for testing:

DEBUG=true sudo nodejs server.js

The example-requests folder contains json requests to test the app:

curl -v -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d @example-requests/failed1.json http://cimonitor.local:8080/jenkins


Monitor the status of Jenkins jobs with a traffic light connected to a Raspberry Pi




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