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OpenFlow 1.1 Software Switch

This is an OpenFlow 1.1 [1] compatible user-space software switch implementation.
The code is based on the original Stanford 1.0.0 reference switch [2], with
the forwarding plane being completely rewritten to support OpenFlow 1.1.
The implementation is feature-complete, and passes the available oftest 1.1
test cases [3].

The following components are available in the release:
  - ofdatapath: the switch implementation
  - ofprotocol: secure channel for connecting the switch to the controller
  - oflib:      a library for converting to/from 1.1 wire format
  - dpctl:      a tool for configuring the switch from the console


Getting Started

To build, run the following commands in the of11softswitch directory:


To start the datapath, run the following commands:

    cd udatapath
    sudo ./ofdatapath --datapath-id=<dpid> --interfaces=<if-list> ptcp:<port>

This will start the datapath, with the given datapath id, and interace list,
opening a passive tcp connection on the given port. For a complete list of
options, use the --help argument.

To start the secure channel, run the following commands:

    cd secchan
    ./ofprotocol tcp:<switch-host>:<switch-port> tcp:<ctrl-host>:<ctrl-port>

This will open tcp connections to both the switch and the controller, relaying
OpenFlow protocol messages between the two. For a complete list of options,
use the --help argument.

You can send requests to the switch using the dpctl utility:

    cd utilities
    ./dpctl tcp:<switch-host>:<switch-port> stats-flow table=0

For a complete list of commands and arguments, use the --help argument, and
consult the dpctl.h file [1].



Please submit your bug reports, fixes and suggestions as pull requests on
github, or by contacting us directly.


OpenFlow 1.1 Software Switch is released under the BSD license (BSD-like
for code from the original Stanford switch).


[1] OpenFlow:
[2] ONF:


E-mail: Zoltan Lajos Kis (

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