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Traincraft License

This license pertains to the "Official Traincraft project" hereafter "Traincraft project" or "Traincraft" and does not apply to any other projects derived from Traincraft. They should however follow the terms of this License agreement.


  • Use the mod standalone or as a part of a "public modpack"(see definition), you only have to write it into a mod list along with the author/s, except if it is a "private pack"(see definition). The mod list should also be publicly available for viewing.

  • Copy small parts of the code for your own mods, as long as you mention the source and don't delete the License Header. Applies if any length of code is copied. If Traincraft code is used, the mod using it should retain the license or be open source.

  • Use the api (and redistribute it) if no outside changes were made to it prior to distribution.

  • Fork the repository, modify the code and create pull requests, after signing the "Contributor Licensing Agreement" hereafter as CLA. See the readme file for more information.

  • Compile own versions of the mod, as long as the .jar file isn't redistributed in any case private or public.

  • Write or record reviews. Let's plays, videos and images are welcome.


  • Copy or use code without attributing Traincraft as owner of the class/method/file/asset.

  • Upload the single .jar file (Redistribute) of Traincraft to any kind of webserver/webside, except if bundled within a public/private modpack.

  • Copy or use the asset files in any derivative or outside/forked project (this includes websites and any graphics that are not for entertainment purposes like gameplays, tutorials and so on). Assets include images, models, textures, sound file, and any other library/file not covered by Traincraft ownership.

  • Any alteration of the .jar file or any files within.

  • Sell our items and blocks on your server shops for real money.


  • All source code files are claimed by Traincraft to 100%. Where model/image/sound assets are excluded and belong to the creator (100%). They remain in the mod at their discretion.

  • Any kind of license change has to be accepted by at least 51% of all listed contributors and 50% of owners, no matter which Minecraft Version.

  • Public modpack is any modpack that is publicly available to all persons and does not require special permissions or access to obtain the modpack files.

  • Private modpack is any modpack that is not publicly available and requires a special permission or access to obtain the modpack files.

  • An additional (unlisted) contributor to this project has no right for a payout from Curse or any other platform.

Notes (Not legaly binding)

  • Of course the api can be used in own projects of every kind, this includes redistribution in your compiled .jar file, but to redistribute the api, isn't the correct way to use a api (except some special ones like RF-API). If you want to know, which way is better, look into the Traincraft code (for MC 1.10.2 and higher) and look how we solve it, without redistribute apis.

  • A contributor is a person who submitted useful code to the project over a long period. He/she has to be registered as contributor, to the relevant github repository and has to be active at coding/modeling/user support. If this is not given, he/she can be removed from the Contributor list. That doesn't apply to owners.


  • Mrbrutal (Owner)
  • Spitfire4466 (Owner)
  • canitzp (Contributor)
  • EthernalBlueFlame (Contributor)
  • NitroxydeX (Contributor)

License created by canitzp & Mrbrutal Last changes 04.12.2016 by canitzp Copyright 2011-2016 Traincraft

####License Header of every class:

This file ("$file.fileName") is part of the Traincraft mod for Minecraft. It is created by all people that are listed with @author below. It is distributed under the Traincraft License ( You can find the source code at

© 2011-$today.year

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