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@TrainerGuy22 TrainerGuy22 released this Feb 18, 2014 · 2 commits to 1.1.2 since this release

Disclaimer: No, this isn't 1.2. 1.2 is in deep in progress for 1.7.2.

Anyway, give a nice warn welcome back to @x3n0ph0b3 , as we are now co-developing Reliquary together! While you'll see a bunch of new stuff in 1.2, we felt obligated to release 1.1.2, a hotfix and our last version for 1.6.4.

  • Apparently in 1.1.1, filling up an Empty Vial via a Liquid Transposer or similar gave you Condensed Splash Serum, instead of a Water Vial. Now Empty Vials play nice with the FluidDictionary, so, yeah. This was actually an extremely easy fix, big thanks to @portablejim for pointing this out and submitting a pull request!
  • Fixed a handful of bugs with the Wraith's Eye. They used to mess up if the X, Y, or Z of the Wraith Node was 0, but that's fixed now (using Integers now in NBT, don't worry, we wrote an automatic converter). Wraith's Eyes now respect dimensions, and will display a "Out of Range!" message if your not in the same dimension. Also, when you got about 1000+ blocks away from your Wraith Node, the tooltip would say that it's not bound to anything when it really is. That's been fixed, as Wraith's Eyes now say they are bound to something until told otherwise.
  • But wait, there's more! Wraith Eye's now have sounds, and particle effects.
  • Surprisingly, lots of people were upset by the fact I included a non-valid file. Well, I was missing a comma. It's now fixed, and it valid JSON.

As usual, bugs are bugs, they go in the Issue Tracker. For just general questions and mod help, you should talk to us on EsperNet at #reliquary.

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@TrainerGuy22 TrainerGuy22 released this Dec 10, 2013

It's Reliquary's first birthday today! While Reliquary isn't really ready for a 1.2 release, I do have some 1.1.1 goodies to celebrate. (Also, if anyone noticed, this isn't exactly the latest in the repo.)

  • Some versioning changes. I now only include the Minecraft version in the jar so people can easily determine where it should be run.
  • Reliquary now uses ModStats for updates/logging. This let's me see how much people are using the mod, and lets you have a simple clean in-chat notification on new releases.
  • Now built with Java 6, so OSX and JDK 6 users can now run the mod without having to build it.
  • Removed (yes, removed) the Alkahest from it's current implementation. This is to get ready for the new Alkahestry mechanics in v1.2.

As always, there might be some bugs left, so please report them in the bug tracker if you find any!

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@TrainerGuy22 TrainerGuy22 released this Dec 4, 2013 · 322 commits to master since this release

Time for another release!

  • Fixed problems with the Condensed Potion, shout out to perlguy!
  • Enabled mr. hazard's model for the Hunter's Handgun.
  • Fixed the Emperor's Chalice, and added the chaliceMultiplier config
    option. It scales the 1 heart to half a leg of hunger ratio along with
    the number.
  • Dug into FMLInterModComms, and made a small API for registering
    blocks for use with the Destruction Catalyst. (For other mod's
    terrain.) Here is an example:
FMLInterModComms.sendMessage("xreliquary", "DestructionCatalyst",
  • I also reformatted the mod for GMCP, should make my life easier when
    it comes to building.

There might be some bugs left, so please report them in the bug tracker if you find any!

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@TrainerGuy22 TrainerGuy22 released this Oct 2, 2013 · 328 commits to master since this release

My build of Reliquary for 1.6.4. Completely not affiliated with x3no's development track.

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