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Grimoire is a mobile-friendly 5e spellbook that organizes spell lists by class and level.

See the latest compiled build here:

Grimoire is forked from ephe/grimoire, which has since been taken down (à la DMCA).


Feel free to open pull requests or issues on Github for any defects or suggested enhancements you may find. Alternatively, join my public discord at and chat with me in #general.

If you'd like to submit a Pull Request or somehow contribute code, I recommend you read the Style Guidelines. If your submissions do not match this style I'll probably request changes rather than merge it.


  • See the commit history. The Grimoire is "done" at this point in that all the spells from the base game have been added (as of mid-to-late 2016).

To Do

  • Improve class specializations and other subtags, and make it easy to look at class spell lists alone.


Spells can be found inside _posts/. Each spell gets its own post, written and stored as a Markdown file. The date is arbitrary and never displayed, but still necessary for Jekyll to process the posts properly.

If you'd like to help fill out the rest of the spells from the PHB or another source, for each new spell you make:

  1. Make a new post inside _posts/ for each new spell, and copy the formatting from another spell.
  2. Submit a pull request for the spell(s) when you're finished, and that's it! Thank you so much. :)

Build Instructions

I've edited _config.yml for my own build purposes, but if you've got Jekyll set up locally, the following should create the build from your friendly command line terminal: jekyll serve -Vw --no-watch --baseurl ""


Cleric and wizard spells from the Starter Kit were seeded from this Reddit post.

Thanks to @sethxd for suggesting Jets.js, a CSS search engine that plays nicely with Jekyll.

Thanks to @ephe for writing the original version of this thing in the first place.

Thanks to @Eikrem63, @duatharben, and @MrRelik for their work in adding spells from supplemental materials.