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Splunk Puppet Class


This Splunk class is designed to deploy a Splunk indexer (splunk::server) and a number of Splunk lightweight forwarders (splunk::lwf). The design configuration files provided are intended to have many forwarders forwarding to a single Splunk indexer over SSL and to enforce SSL certificate names.


This class is provided under the BSD license. Refer to the accompanying LICENSE file for specific details.

How to use

This class is designed around having a yum repository set up to provide centralized access to the Splunk RPMs. Since Splunk does not have their own repository set up at this time the Splunk class depends on an internal and not provided class 'tg_yumrepo' to provide the .repo files on nodes.

Files to change or add

  • Add files/etc/passwd

  • Add hostname in files/etc/local/system/lwf-output.conf (change splunk.company.com)

  • Add SSL certificates (files/etc/certs)

  • Add sslPassword in files/etc/local/system/lwf-output.conf and templates/local/inputs.conf-server.erb

  • Add your Splunk license file (copy the free one, or the splunk.license-forwarder)

For your indexer

node 'splunk.company.com' {
  include splunk::server

For your lightweight forwarders

node 'mail.company.com' {
  include splunk::lwf


In its current implementation splunk::lwf and splunk::server both include splunk::base to get common files provided to each subclass. This makes it difficult to have a default node that includes splunk::lwf and a specific node which is a splunk::server. Your puppetmaster logs will fill up with warnings, but they appear to be both nonfatal and such that they do not blow away the splunk::server with splunk::lwf configuration.

We also store SSL passwords in plaintext. Please be aware of this as it will require some security measures to ensure that unauthorized parties can not read the files which contain passwords. Take care for your puppetmaster as well as any source control (such as GitHub).