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@sylveon sylveon released this Jul 21, 2020

Fix cortana detection in newer Windows builds.

To download, click on TranslucentTB-setup.exe below

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@sylveon sylveon released this Feb 9, 2020

This addresses issue #265.

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@sylveon sylveon released this Jul 28, 2019

This addresses issue #258.

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@sylveon sylveon released this Jul 8, 2019

This addresses the following issues:

  • #192
  • #199: if hardware isn't capable of providing DirectX 11 support, WARP will be used.
  • #209: temporary workaround until next version, in the context menu click on Advanced > Refresh taskbar handles.
  • #228
  • Silent error at first run about checking if a file exists.
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@sylveon sylveon released this Aug 28, 2018

NOTES FROM THE PREVIOUS RELEASE STILL APPLIES. In short, download TranslucentTB-setup.exe and close version 3 before upgrading from it.


  • A couple of CPicker crashes
  • Task Manager and general slowdowns while TranslucentTB is open
  • Settings aren't being saved on shutdown
  • Softkills (taskkill /im TranslucentTB.exe) now works


  • Added save settings context menu entry
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@sylveon sylveon released this Aug 23, 2018


  • If you download from GitHub, download TranslucentTB-setup.exe. The other four downloads are debugging symbols and source code archives to aid developers.
  • Please close the older TranslucentTB version before upgrading. See the changelog for the reason why.

I am proud to announce, after a year-long hiatus, the next release of TranslucentTB! This version is also available freely on the Microsoft Store. By downloading it from the Microsoft Store for free, you benefit from background auto-updates for future releases and settings sync between devices at no additional cost.

Major changes:

  • Command line arguments have been removed, the config file and dynamic windows blacklist now resides in %AppData%\TranslucentTB (and are backwards compatible with V3) and pretty much everything is configurable via the tray icon context menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the config wouldn't load at startup.
  • New integrated color picker.
  • Added Fluent taskbar mode.
  • Fixed bug where UWP apps would make dynamic windows get "stuck" in the maximized state.
  • New dynamic modes: dynamic Timeline and dynamic Cortana.
  • Improved reliability of dynamic Start.
  • Each dynamic state has now its own color and effect customization instead of being hard-coded to a mode.
  • This release and the new color picker are per-monitor high DPI aware. The context menu shouldn't look tiny anymore on high DPI monitors.
  • We switched from an event to a mutex for single-instance detection. This also allows the installer to detect when TranslucentTB is running. When upgrading, it is required to close the older version before as it will cause a invalid handle error while trying to open the new version. This is because events and mutexes share the same namespace in the kernel object manager (as such a mutex cannot have the same name than an event, because they would conflict), and it's not possible to open an event as if it was a mutex.
  • Added error handling and logging everywhere.

This release is also the place of lot of internal changes that decouples and refactors code and will allow us to further evolve in a much more flexible and faster way.

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@ethanhs ethanhs released this Jun 5, 2017

After a long hiatus, we have released a new version. This version comes with several new features:

  • Dynamic Start (different states when start is open/closed)
  • Improved Virtual Desktop support
  • Dynamic Windows (different states when a Window is maximized or desktop is shown, this is in Preview)
  • More tray options
  • Optional tray
  • Start with Windows (tray and command line option)
  • Elegant exiting

All of the above changes have kept processor usage and RAM usage roughly the same as previous releases.

Please read Known issues and already filed bug reports before opening a new issue. If you don't have a Github account, and don't want to make one, you can also email me ‮.em.shnahte@nahte
‭ Please file issues here though, I'd prefer not to be swamped with emails. Thanks.

Thanks so much to @charlesmilette, @denosawr, @MrAksel, and @ghost1372 for contributing! This release would not have happened without them.

Please note: you must manually stop the previous running TranslucentTB before starting the new version. This will be the only time that is needed. You may also want to update the references to startup executables you made.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us on Gitter, or Discord.


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@ethanhs ethanhs released this Jan 12, 2017

Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback and contributions!

This version adds several new features:

  • multi monitor support
  • command line options
  • clear taskbar option
  • colorful taskbar option
  • unicode support.

These changes keep RAM usage under 2MB in my tests, and CPU usage still near 0%. I also did a battery test and found no significant change in runtime with the program running and without.

Also, thanks to eveyone who contributed, I cannot thank you enough!

You can download by clicking below on, or clicking here (direct download!).

Please see known issues before filing a bug report. Thanks!

Please also note that you must open start to reset the taskbar if you exit.


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@ethanhs ethanhs released this Jan 11, 2017

This is actually not the first version, It uses a clear taskbar instead of the older translucent one.

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