Intuitive faceted search tool configurable for any JSON dataset
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Search, filter, and browse any JSON data. Includes full text, categorical data, and search interface with elasticsearch backend.

LookingGlass can be used in combination with Harvester for crawling, parse and load documents.


  • Make sure you have elasticsearch and rails 4 installed
    • On Mac OS do the following
    • On Debian / Ubuntu
      • Install dependencies sudo apt-get install ruby-full
      • Install ElasticSearch using package manager or 1.5.2 docs
    • On Fedora
    • - Install Elasticsearch via the Fedora Yum instructions
    • - Install dependencies sudo yum install make automake gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel ruby-devel rubygem-railties
  • Clone repo git clone --recursive
  • Then cd into directory cd LookingGlass
  • Install Ruby dependencies bundle install
  • Generate simple form data rails generate simple_form:install --bootstrap


  • Browse to the dataspec directory cd app/dataspec/
  • Copy the example config file instances/example-config.json to instances/your-config.json
  • Add any additional dataspec files to your-config.json file by adding to Dataset Config array
  • Edit importer.json attribute Instance Config to your config app/dataspec/instances/your-config.json

You might want do add custom data related things to your instance as well. LookingGlass use datapackages for this goal such as month-names for internationalization!

Adding Datasets

This search should work for any JSON based dataset. If you want to add a dataset, see the app/dataspec folder for the necessary files. You will need to create your own dataspec-template package.

  • Prepare and save your data somewhere on your machine
  • Either create a dataspec for it based on dataspec-template or use existing
  • Modify your config.json file to include additional datasets

Running LookingGlass

  • Then start up ElasticSearch
    • On Mac Os type elasticsearch
    • On Debian / Ubuntu installed via packages type /etc/init.d/elasticsearch start o
    • On Debian installed 1.5.2 go to elasticsearch-1.5.2/bin/ and type ./elasticsearch
    • On Fedora type sudo systemctl start elasticsearch.service
  • Then type rails runner 'IndexManager.import_data(force: true)' when importing / updating datasets
  • Start up the app rails server
  • Then access in your browser

For Running In Production

  • Compile your assets rake assets:precompile


We would love your help and contributions improving upon LookingGlass. You can also customize how LookingGlass looks with a custom theme. To do either, first get a working instance setup on your development machine, then check out the following: