Scrapes all pages on any site you specify for keywords.
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This gem scrapes Google using any operators specified.

  1. Download the gems 'generalscraper' and 'requestmanager'
  2. Make a new request manager: requests ="path/to/proxielist", [min request wait time, max request wait time], # of browsers)
  3. Make a new GeneralScraper object: l =" inurl:.pdf and other operators", "search terms", requests, nil or captcha hash, nil or cm_hash)
  4. Get the list or resulting pages (l.getURLs) or get full text of results (l.getData)

The proxy list must be a list of proxies in a textfile with each IP on its own line.

The hash to have CAPTCHAs solved is as follows- { captcha_key: "TwoCaptcha key" } If you don't want CAPTCHA's solved, just pass nil.

Code Climate

To translate pages- requests_google =, [1, 3], 1) t =[link, array], requests_google)