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Interviewing questions and tips for job-seeking research ecologists/biologists
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This is an open-source repository for interview questions, tips, and resources for early career ecologists and biologists. Any and all are encouraged to submit questions, resources, or tips (see How to Make Contributions section below).

I have yet to come across an open resource out there (kind of like the EcoEvo jobs or EcoEvo postdoc opportunities sheets). If other editable/open source question-sharing resources exist, please add here or email me 1

Most of the resources I have come across are static, and not open to additions/edits beyond the comments section. It is my goal to maintain this repository as a fluid resource for those seeking interview prep help and for those recently interviewed to questions they were asked.

User Guide

This repository comprises:


Other Resources

Interview blogposts and webpages (static):

  1. WildlifeSNPits (Stephanie Schuttler, 2014). A static blog post containing a list of questions and a brief section on tips for interviewing in person and Skype.
  2. A generic questions database. It may be a database of the same questions with the word "biologist" inserted where applicable.
  3. Dynamic Ecology (Meghan Duffy, 2013). Friday links, mostly for getting academic jobs.
  4. Marissa Baskett (last updated?). Tons of links for various aspects of the job search process for academics. Some links are 404, so not sure if this is still maintained.

Job boards

  1. Wildlife & Fisheries, all levels (hosted by TAMU)
  2. Quantitative postdocs/fellowships (editable with permission)
  3., GSheet soon to be webpage(!) (editable)
  4. Conservation Job Board
  5. LinkedIn. If your profile is UTD the suggestions are decent but no profile necessary to search
  6. Indeed. Not the greatest for research positions, imo
  7. ResearchGate. if your profile is UTD the suggestions are limited but decent
  8. USAJobs. U.S. Government jobs. For Ecology/Biology jobs, search code 0408
  9. ORISE. Several Federal agencies use ORISE for student through Post-doc opportunities. Try keyword search on "ecology" for recent positions. They can be slow to remove the positions so be sure to sort by "Posted"
  10. EPA Office of Research and Development Post-Doctoral Positions. Term federal post-doc positions in a variety of environmental fields. GS-11 to GS-12 pay rates, full fed benefits.
  11. EPA Careers. Multiple links to opportunites including full time positions, post-docs, student contractors, internships, etc.

How to Contribute

  1. Submit an Issue
  2. Make a pull request for:
  1. Email me 1

Anonymous contributions

If you wish to submit questions or tips anonymously, please either

  1. see this website (however I am not familiar with either of the resources mentioned here, or
  2. email me 1

**If you would like me to add you as a collaborator with editing privliges, please email me1

Current Needs

  • If anyone is good with Jekyll or GitHub pages styles and would be willing to update the .io please contact me1


1: correspondence to jessicaleighburnett at gmail dot com

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