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Index IUCN redlist data in Elasticsearch
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IUCN Redlist importer


Clone the project:

git clone

get all the submodules

cd myapp
git submodule init
git submodule update

This will initialise and clone the esprit and magnificent octopus libraries

Then get the submodules for Magnificent Octopus

cd myapp/magnificent-octopus
git submodule init
git submodule update

Create your virtualenv and activate it

virtualenv /path/to/venv
source /path/tovenv/bin/activate

Install esprit and magnificent octopus (in that order)

cd myapp/esprit
pip install -e .

cd myapp/magnificent-octopus
pip install -e .

Create your local config

cd myapp
touch local.cfg

Then you can override any config values that you need to

To start the application, you'll also need to install it into the virtualenv just this first time

cd myapp
pip install -e .

To index the data

1. Make sure elastic search is running
2. Download the IUCN redlist data of interest from the IUCN website in csv format. Downloading these data now requires a login and a brief (at least minutes) waiting period.

from service.importer import import_species
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