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Design Goals
* PCB easily to manufacture on a RepRap.
* All parts on one board. Except for the Opto Endstops, of course.
* Enough components to run a Mendel or Huxley with extruder and heated bed.
* Easy to set up. For example, this would include an USB port.
* Well available and cheap parts.
* Based on the ATmega644.
* Well suited for community driven development.
* Single board solution.
* Single sided PCB.
* Pololu stepper drivers, exchangeable.
* 4x stepper motor drivers with 1/16 microstepping.
* TODO: on-board USB-RS232 converter.
* Integrated hardware for driving one extruder (stepper, heater and thermistor).
* Integrated hardware for a heated bed (heater, thermistor).
* Integrated hardware for driving a fan.
* Ready to be hooked up on a generic PC power supply unit (PSU).
* Use of standard connectors.
* Debug LEDs for power, Fan and both heater outputs.
* Can turn PSU on and off in software.
* Reset button.
For more details, see
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