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Magic Mirror Module for TomTom map with traffic and incidents.
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This Magic Mirror Module shows a map with traffic and incidents information from TomTom. You can select which way the traffic should be displayed. Should a road with slow speed limit marked red, or only when there is a congestion going on? It also to shows the traffic incidents as icons. Like accidents, road blocks, etc.. Big difference with Google and Bing Maps is that it is really free for 2.500 request, no money will be charged when you go above this limit. No credit card credentials are needed. And TomTom has the option to display traffic in different ways. The module uses the public preview V5. TomTom expects to release V5 to the public within a few months. Don't worry that the module will stop working. If you keep remoteTTCSSJS setting to it's default value of false. The module will use the local stored javascript and css files for TomTom and not the the files from TomTom site.

TomTom Traffic and Incidents

Configuring the Module

To use this module, add the follwing configuration to your config/config.js file. In this examle I've chosen Vancouver BC.

	modules: [
		module: "MMM-TomTomTrafficIncidents",
		position: "top_center",
		config: {
			key: "yourkey",
			lng: -123.1139529,
			lat:  49.2608724,
			zoom: 11,
			height: "500px",
			width: "800px"

The following settings can be changed.

Required settings.

key from TomTom

  • key: default "" In order to get the data from TomTom, a developers key is required. A key can be obtained free, and without the need of a credit card, from the developers site. At you can register yourself. When your registration is a success, the site will guide you to create a key for you application. The key is free for 2.500 transactions on daily basis. When this limit has been reached, an error "HTTP 403 – Over the limit error" will be given. See refresh in Optional Settings for more information.

  • lng: longitude default none.

  • lat: latitude default none. Select your longitude and latitude. You can obtain from the longitude and latitude for places. Or use Google Maps to get the longitude and latitude of your desired location. You can find them after the @ sign in the address bar. If you keep lng and lat settings empty, TomTom will go to longitude 0 and latitude 0. That is somewhere under Ghana in the Atlantic Ocean/Gulf of Guinea.

Optional settings you want to change

  • height: height in CSS unit. Default "75vh".

  • width: width in CSS unit. Default "75vw". Here you can set the height and width of the map in any CSS unit style. Try, and see what size suits the best for you.

  • zoom : zoom level of the map. Default 11. Zoom level can be between 0 - 24

  • lang : language specified in config.js under language.

Optional Settings you might want to change

  • traffic: "absolute"/"relative"/"relative-delay" . Default "relative" Here you can select in which way traffic should be displayed. There are three options: absolute, delay, and relative delay.

  • absolute: roads will be marked green for high speed and marked red for low speed traffic.. absolute traffic speed

  • relative: roads will be marked green for normal traffic speed and marked red when traffic speed is slower than normal. relative traffic flow

  • relative-delay: only the roads where the traffic speed is slower than normal will be marked on the map. only relative delays

  • refresh: integer that is the amount of ms for a refresh of traffic and incident information. Default (15 * 60 * 1000). Equals 15 minuts. On TomTom you get 2.5000 transactions on daily basis for free. When you reach the limit, "HTTP 403 – Over the limit error" errors will be shown in the log of MagicMirror. The calculation of the amount of request is hard to guess. It depends on the amount of accidents and traffic. But 2.500 requests is hard to reach. 15 incidents count as one requests.

  • showIncidents: true/false default is true Shows incidents like road blocks, incidents, narrowing, road construction etc. etc. on the map.

  • showTraffic: true/false default is true If you want to display traffic.

Optional Settings you shouldn't care about

  • remoteTTCSSJS: true/false default is false The following settings is only needed when you the maps.css, traffic-incidents.css, and maps-web.min.js from TomTom site. This could be a legal requirement.

  • TTVersion: version in string default is "5.39.0" Whenever TomTom releases a new version, and remoteTTCSSJS is set to true, this value can be changed to the most current version. It is advisable not to use the TomTom server. When the the is not reachable, this part of the module will stall. It is at the moment not possible to fix this due technical reasons.


The files maps.css, traffic-incidents.css, and maps-web.min.js are licensed by TomTom. Read the LICENSE.txt in the folder tomtom-international-web-sdk-maps for details

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