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A DocPad skeleton, utilizing the 3D menu from Hakimel
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Meny skeleton for DocPad

Build a simple site/blog with a 3D transition menu. Utilizes DocPad HTML5Boilerplate skeleton as a start point.

See th online demo on Heroku.

Getting Started

  1. Install DocPad

  2. Clone the project and run the server

    git clone git://
    cd Meny.docpad
    npm install
    docpad run
  3. Open http://localhost:9778/

Changing the contents

  1. Start hacking away by modifying the src directory
    1. The src/files/layouts/ controls the 2 sections of the page:
      1. meny - the menu area
      2. contents - the page contents, further divided into:
        1. header - can be provided on site/document level
        2. article - provided on the page level (e.g. src/documents/
        3. footer - can be provided on site/document level
    2. The menu is built from src/files/layouts/menu.json, where you can select:
      1. title - the title at the head of the menu
      2. name - name of the menu item
      3. class - if you want it different the item from the other items (leave empty otherwise)
      4. url - the URL it points to
      5. newPage - Whether to open the URL in a blank page (deafult: false)
  2. Check out the Meny repository to futher control the Meny look-and-feel.

See file for full license info.

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