Return IP and location information from client IP, using ipdbinfo database
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MyIP - geolocate by IP

This little app shows your external IP and then uses uses the IPInfoDB API to provide geolocation data, based on that IP. Currently, results are offered in JSON format only.


I'm on the road quite a lot, and many times I need to know my external IP. Oftentimes, it's good to know where web sites think I'm calling from. I wrote a version of this in PHP, that still works great, but I wanted to try a simple Node.js app. The idea was to try writing this as simple as possible, with no external modules or dependencies. After finishing the server side, I wrote a simple Chrome extension (see below) that consumes the JSON and shows it in a browser.
You can find the full story on my code blog.


  1. Clone the repo (if you're here, you know how to do that :))
  2. Go to IPInfoDB API and register for the free API key
  3. Paste the API key into the config.json file
  4. Run the app using node app - tested on node 0.10 and higher

You can test a running version at (hosted on Heroku).

Chrome extension

You can check out the Chrome extension that uses the service to show the info in the Chrome browser.

Created by Guy Vider