A simple grading application written in Scala
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A grading implementation written in the Scala languague (https://www.scala-lang.org/index.html)

Where to download the IDE or compiler

Scala can be downloaded from their website at https://www.scala-lang.org/download/ and
provides excellent documentation.

How to install the IDE or compiler

Scala uses the Scala IDE that is based on Eclipse. There are also plugins available
on popular IDEs such as IntelliJ and Visual Studio code. The use of these IDEs
requires you to have Java already installed on your machine. The IDE will need to be pointed
to the path of the JDK.

If using Mac OS, Scala can be installed by running
$ brew update
$ brew install scala
$ brew install sbt

sbt is a build tool commonly used with Scala, as mentioned on Scala's website

How to compile and execute the program

Compilation and execution is done by simply navigating to the folder containing the main.scala and scores.txt files and running the command scala main.scala.