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Generate a stub from a swagger file
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Swagger-stub create automatically a stub of your swagger REST API. This stub can be used anywhere you want like in a pytest fixture for your unit test.

In addition of mocking your API, you can mock some call, and check every call that have been made to the API.

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Example Usage

import pytest
import requests

from swagger_stub import swagger_stub

# This is the fixture of your stub
# You only need to specify the path of the swagger file and the address
# where you want to bind your stub.
def test_stub():
    return swagger_stub([('swagger.yaml', '')]).next()

# Then you can use this fixture anywhere you want like your API is really running.
def test_swagger_stub(test_stub):
    # Get a definition example

    # Check a simple call
    response = requests.get('')
    assert response.status_code == 200
    assert response.json() == {
      'foo': 'bar'

    # Check that an invalid body cause an error
    response ='', data='invalid data')
    assert response.status_code == 400

    # Mock a call
    test_stub.add_mock_call('get', '/test', {'mock': 'call'})
    response = requests.get('')
    assert response.json() == {'mock': 'call'}

    # Set some side_effect like in the mock library
    test_stub.add_mock_side_effect('get', '/iter', [{'test': '1'}, {'test': '2'}, {'test': '3'}])
    response = requests.get('')
    assert response.json() == {'test': '1'}
    response = requests.get('')
    assert response.json() == {'test': '2'}
    response = requests.get('')
    assert response.json() == {'test': '3'}

    # This side effect will raise a custom error
    test_stub.add_mock_side_effect('get', '/error', Exception)

    with pytest.raises(Exception):
        response = requests.get('')


More documentation is available at


make install or pip install swagger-stub


swagger-stub is licensed under

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