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Automatically test your swagger API
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Swagger-tester will test automatically your swagger API. Swagger API made with connexion ( are supported directly without running the API server. In the case you use connexion it will automatically run a test server from your swagger file.

To run the test, swagger-tester will detect every path and actions of your API. And for each, it will send a request and check if the response match the swagger file specification.

Related Libraries

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Example Usage

from swagger_tester import swagger_test

 # Dict containing the error you don't want to raise.
 # By default, every status_code over other than 1xx, 2xx or 3xx
 # will be considered as an error.
 authorize_error = {
       'post': {
           '/pet/{petId}': [200],
           '/pet': [200]
       'put': {
           '/user/{username}': [200],
           '/pet': [200]
       'delete': {
           '/pet/{petId}': [200],
           '/store/order/{orderId}': [200],
           '/user/{username}': [200]

 # Run the test with connexion
 # An AssertionError will be raise in case of error.
 swagger_test('path_to_your_swagger.yaml', authorize_error=authorize_error)

 # Or if you have a running API
 swagger_test(app_url='', authorize_error=authorize_error)


More documentation is available at


make install or pip install swagger-tester


swagger-tester is licensed under

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