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PyDealer: Playing Card Package


|pd| is a simple to use Python package for "simulating" decks of standard playing cards (also known as a |_fd|). PyDealer let's you easily create |deck| instances, each containing a full 52 card deck of playing cards. Each card is a separate |card| instance, with a name, value, suit, and abbreviation. There is also the |stack| class, which is useful for creating hands, or discard piles, etc. It is the backbone of the PyDealer package, and actually the Deck class is just a subclass of the Stack class.

|pd| could possibly be used as part of a CLI (command line interface) card-based game, or even a graphical game as well, I suppose. It may also be of interest to beginner Python programmers, since it's a relatively simple package, which I created as a way to learn Python, packaging, testing, documentation (Sphinx), etc. I even ended up learning how to use Git a bit, which I must say was slightly frustrating at first. This package has taught me a lot, and maybe someone else can benefit from it as well. Or maybe not. Either way, here it is.

Quick Usage Example

Here is a quick example, using IDLE, demonstrating how to construct a new |deck| instance, representing a full |_fd| of cards, as well as how to shuffle the deck, and deal some cards (7 of them) from it, to a hand. We'll then sort the hand, and print a listing of it's contents, in a human readable way, with a simple print statement.

>>> import pydealer
>>> deck = pydealer.Deck()
>>> deck.shuffle()
>>> hand =
>>> hand.sort()
>>> print hand
2 of Diamonds
5 of Hearts
9 of Hearts
9 of Spades
Jack of Spades
King of Clubs
Ace of Clubs

Table of Contents

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