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Trebuchet Box (Ethereum)

This box is configured to run a load test on a Ethereum network. It does so by running different virtual users that perform different actions.

Virtual User 1 - Token Creator

The virtual user's actions are defined in src/vu-token-creator.js.

  1. Obtain 0.05 ether from a faucet account
  2. Deploy a mintable token smart contract
  3. Mint some token on the smart contract
  4. Verify token has been minted with contract call
  5. Send 50000 tokens to an account
  6. Verify token has been sent with contract call

Virtual User 2 - Ether Sender

The virtual user's actions are defined in src/vu-sender.js.

  1. Obtain 0.05 ether from a faucet account
  2. Send 0.002 ether to an account
  3. Send 0.002 ether to an account


The default configuration for the load test has been set to the following:

The test runner configuration are defined in src/runner.js.

  • Concurrent Virtual Users: 5
  • Ramp Period: 5 sec
  • Active Period: 55 sec
  • Cooling Timeout: 10 sec

In addition, the ratio of token creator to ether sender is 1:2 (weighted random).


The report for the load test can be found in the load_test_report folder

You may use this repository to get started with using Trebuchet Framework to load test your private network.


  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Install dependencies
cd trebuchet-box-ethereum
npm install
  1. Run a testnet OR Configure faucet

Run a Ganache network:

ganache-cli -b 2 -m "deputy apology card solution wage spot tray choice thing hollow peanut matrix"


Configure the faucet private key by editing the private key in src/setup.js.

  1. Run the load test on your local ethereum node
npm run test
  1. Review the load test report
open load_test_report/index.html

Sample Report

Sample Report