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Desktop client for Mastodon built on Python & Qt that I wrote in 2018.
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Mastodome Legacy Edition

A new Qt-based Mastodon client for Linux, written in Python.


Mastodome is a new desktop client for Mastodon, a federated social network that takes all the best elements of Twitter and makes them better. It also works with similar "forks" of that project too such as Florence.

This code is provided under an MIT license. If you want to use the Mastodome name please contact Bobby Moss.

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a microblogging social network that is "federated". This means that there is no one single website that hosts Mastodon; the site is distributed across hundreds of servers, and you can even host an instance yourself.

This federated platform makes use of the ActivityPub standard. That means Mastodon users can see content from other social networks and websites such as Pleroma, PeerTube and Pixelfed as though they have been posted on the same website.

Here are some additional advantages Mastodon has over Twitter:

  • Ad-supported messages and bots do not clutter up your news feed
  • There are no "engagement algorithms" that display posts out of order and out of context deliberately to make you angry
  • Moderation is more effective because there are more people doing it in the first place
  • You can switch servers (or run your own) if you do not like the way your administrator runs things
  • It is much harder to create a self-reinforcing bubble of unreality because the unfettered public stream is just a click away
  • You have much more control over your own privacy, blocking and muting
  • It is also possible to hide off-topic and NSFW posts behind "content warnings" to avoid alienating your followers
  • Those same "content warnings" and custom filters ensure you can avoid any online drama, politics or TV show spoilers until you want to read them
  • Angry people cannot watch for posts with specific keywords or hashtags with the sole intention of finding new users to harass or troll

The terminology is also slightly different. You "toot" a message, "boost" other peoples' toots to your followers and "favourite" messages you like. I am convinced that in time, most people will see that Twitter does not have their best interests in mind and start to migrate across. Or at the very least, have an account on both systems.

For more information about why Mastodon is a great alternative to Twitter, check out this blog post from, or this PeerTube video from

You can follow me via

Getting started with Mastodome

To pull down the latest stable code, simply pull from gitlab using the following commands:

$ git clone

You should now follow the setup steps for the application:

$ sudo apt install python3 ipython3 python3-pip gnome-keyring libgl1-mesa-glx
$ sudo pip3 install -r mastodome/requirements.txt
$ mkdir -p mastodome/config/.cache/

Finally, run the program itself:

$ cd mastodome
$ ./

If you want to develop Mastodome, read the DevNotes file for additional dependencies and supporting tools.

New in this release (0.3.5)

See CHANGELOG for a full list of changes. The most notable features are:

  • Simplifies setup and installs "known good" versions of pip dependencies
  • Re-licenses project under MIT terms
  • Removes third party assets that were licensed under AGPL
  • Will no longer sign in to sites with "gab." in the URL
  • Updated helpful links in

Known Issues & Limitations

  • This project is no longer in active development, so there may be bugs.
  • This is still alpha stage software. You should expect to find missing functionality.
  • 2FA is not supported. If you have enabled it for your account, you will need to disable it the first time you register the app, then re-enable it. You will have to do this if you ever use "log out..." instead of just exiting Mastodome
  • The GUI only permits toots up to 280 characters in size by default, but this can be changed in config


Is Mastodome open source and/or free software?

Yes! Mastodome is free software.

  • Mastodome itself is licensed under the MIT
  • All icon images are public domain and taken from Gnome's Tango iconset
  • Custom artwork I created for Mastodome (i.e. the Mastodome icon and image in the About window) are the property of me (Bobby Moss) and shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

So, if you are someone that likes to use fully-free systems like Trisquel or Parabola you will be glad to hear that this application is safe for you to use.

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