@Tamriel Tamriel released this Aug 30, 2016 · 162 commits to master since this release

Assets 4

For some features a new data model was necessary, so export your tree and import your tree with the new TreeNote version!

  • Bookmarks: Save optionally current root item
  • Copy, paste, cut
  • Print function
  • Added a path bar
  • Internal links
  • File selected rows
  • Planning view
  • Increase estimate shortcut
  • Set estimate in minutes with shortcuts like 10 30 60 120
  • Shortcuts like '5d' to set start date to in 5 days
  • Fix: Vertical move out of the view now scrolls to the selection
  • Fix: Autocomplete with all tags of the tree when focused, not just with current focused tag subset
  • Fix: When coloring multiple rows, the selection was not kept
  • Fix: New line inside a row at the bottom edge shall scroll the tree upwards, otherwise the just entered new line is not in the visible part of the view