An intuitive outliner for personal knowledge and task management
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With TreeNote, you can create and structure notes and tasks.
Drag the drag handle at the right side of an entry onto a second entry, to make the first entry a child of the second entry.
Tap on an arrow to expand or collapse a parent entry.
When you swipe an entry to the left, only its children will be shown. Swipe to the right anywhere, to get a level up again Tap on an entry to open it's detail view. Here you can delete the entry or set it's type (note, todo, done), a start date, a camera image or a geoposition.
Swipe from the left screen edge to the right, to open the navigation drawer. Here you find filters to show only entries with start date <= today, entries with a start date or tasks only.
When the current date reaches the start date of an entry, you'll get a notification.
In the settings, you can disable notifications and enable synchronisation with a JSON file in your OwnCloud.
If you have a tablet, tilt the device to view the tree and the details of an entry side by side.

Demo-Video (in german):
Download the .apk file
Also checkout the application for desktop pc: