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Nelumbo by Treeki

Nelumbo is a framework for creating Furcadia bots, written in the powerful and flexible Ruby programming language. It uses EventMachine for networking.

Caveats and Updated Information

I'm releasing this in November 2012, over a year after it was originally written. While I currently don't have time to update it any further, here's some stuff...

  • The documentation is really not as good as it could be. Sorry for that :/ Some of it also isn't 100% up to date.
  • Nelumbo does not run on Ruby 1.9.3 because the "mixology" gem doesn't seem to be compatible with it. If you don't mind losing the plugin functionality you can remove require 'mixology' from lib/nelumbo/base.rb.
  • Nelumbo has been powering the bot in Cypress Homes (a complex beast with over 6,000 lines of code, using DataMapper for database storage) for over a year with very few issues. This includes the DS engine and advanced world tracking.
  • If you have any questions (and you probably will), feel free to whisper me.
  • There's some interesting code in the repo history. Nelumbo used to have a "Core" system for dealing with timers/multiple bots, but I ditched it in favour of EventMachine. I admittedly can't remember why... I think I was having trouble getting something working. And at one point I started working on code that would convert DS to Ruby code, but that didn't go anywhere; I ended up going with a C interpreter instead (which ended up being a much better solution).
  • I'm not planning to work on this in the near future, except for keeping it up-to-date with Furcadia updates.

Current Progress

Basic bots are functional. Handling for most of the Furcadia protocol (both for sending commands and acting on events) needs to be added. Documentation is also needed for various classes and methods.

Documentation is really required. I'll probably use YARD for this.

I need more specs too. Stuff like protocols and DS engine are really hard to write specs for, though... I can probably do them for the DS parser and the plugin system. But I'm lazy.

Key Features

  • Simple Sinatra-style DSL for handling and responding to events
  • Automatically includes ActiveSupport
  • EventMachine used for connection handling
  • Integrated - but optional - DS engine for full dream tracking (Requires an extension module)
  • Clean plugin system using mixins and the Mixology gem

Planned Features

  • Daemon version that can run multiple bots
  • Web interface
  • Simple GTK interface that runs one bot at a time for non-technical users
  • DS-like scripting language for non-technical users

Example: A Simple Bot (simple_bot.rb)

require 'nelumbo'

class SimpleBot < Nelumbo::Bot
  set color_code: 't::)5,&(@-&$%#'
  set description: 'A simple bot powered by Nelumbo.'

  on_speech text: /what((')?s| is) the time/i do
    say "#{data[:name]}, the time is #{}."

  on_join_request { summon data[:name] }

  on_whisper text: 'Who are you?' do
    whisper_back "I am a bot!"

SimpleBot.set username: ARGV.first, password: ARGV.last
Nelumbo::run_simply SimpleBot


advanced Ruby library for creating bots for the MMOSG Furcadia






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