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Treesaver does not support all features provided in HTML/CSS.

Content Structure

The requirements for content structure are more restrictive than normal HTML documents. However, most of the limitations are targeted toward malformed content. Specifically, the limitations are:

  • No naked text outside of blocks: All text-content must live within a paragraph, or other similar elements. Naked text is also not supported with <div>, <ul>, and <ol>
  • No nested paragraphs: A paragraph must only contain inline content. Use <div> for nesting.
  • Element IDs will be stripped: Because an element may be broken across a column or page, we must remove the ID attribute to make sure there is not more than one element with the same ID
  • <script>elements will be stripped: JavaScript files should be included in the <head>


  • Do not rely on #IDs for styling: Because an element can be repeated across columns or pages, id attributes are removed from all items
  • Do not rely on :first-child or similar positional selectors: The pagination process completely changes the document structure, and will wreak havoc on position-dependent styling. Adjacent sibling, and parenting selectors are fine, however.
  • Do not use negative margins on flow elements: Not currently supported
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