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nrfutil is a Python package that includes the nrfutil command line utility and the nordicsemi library.

This project is a branch of the nrfutil project based on the original version of the license, which allowed use on hardware other than Nordic Semiconductor.

This utility is intended to be used with the Secure Device Update library (SDU), which uses the same download protocol used by Nordic tools to update other hardware devices. The SDU project has no affiliation with Nordic Semiconductor. The SDU project and corresponding instructions below which reference use of Nordic tools are not supported or endorced by Nordic Semiconductor.

For more information about the Secure Device Update Project, see the project page. For information about use of the SDU library with the RedBear Duo platform, see the RedBear Duo platform page


The library is written for Python 2.7.


The original nordic nrfutil project supports 2 different and incompatible DFU package formats

  • legacy: used a simple structure and no security
  • modern: uses Google's protocol buffers for serialization and can be cryptographically signed

The SDU project supports only the modern implementation with google protocol buffers for serialization and cryptographic signing


To install nrfutil the following prerequisites must be satisfied:

py2exe prerequisites (Windows only):


To install the library to the local Python site-packages and script folder:

python install

To generate a self-contained Windows exe version of the utility (Windows only):

python py2exe

NOTE: Some anti-virus programs will stop py2exe from executing correctly when it modifies the .exe file.


To get info on usage of nrfutil:

nrfutil --help


This section is an overview of general commands used with nrfutil.

There are several commands that you can use to perform different tasks related to DFU:


This set of commands allow you to generate a package for Device Firmware Update.


Generate a package (.zip file) that you can later use with a mobile application or any other means to update the firmware of an nRF5x IC over the air. This command takes several options that you can list using:

nrfutil pkg generate --help

Below is an example of the generation of a package from an application's app.hex file:

nrfutil pkg generate --application app.hex --key-file key.pem


This set of commands allow you to perform an actual firmware update over a serial or BLE connection.


Perform a full DFU procedure over a serial (UART) line. This command takes several options that you can list using:

nrfutil dfu serial --help

Below is an example of the execution of a DFU procedure of the file generated above over COM3 at 115200 bits per second:

nrfutil dfu serial -pkg -p COM3 -b 115200


This set of commands allow you to generate and display cryptographic keys used to sign and verify DFU packages.


Generate a private (signing) key and store it in a file in PEM format. The following will generate a private key and store it in a file named private.pem:

nrfutil keys generate private.pem

Display a private (signing) or public (verification) key from a PEM file taken as input. This command takes several options that you can list using:

nrfutil keys display --help

Below is an example of displaying a public key in code format from the key file generated above:

nrfutil keys display --key pk --format code private.pem


This command displays the version of nrfutil.


nrfutil python library and command line client




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